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Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the faculty’s most important governing body. It deliberates on all faculty issues of fundamental significance and is responsible for all important decisions. The Faculty Council comprises all full-time professors who are either members of our faculty or co-opted from other faculties, 6 students and 3 members of staff. The term of office for all members of staff is 4 years, and 1 year for students (from 1 September to 31 August).


Chair:  Prof.Dr. Wilhelm Buckermann (Dekan)

Professorial members: alle Professorinnen und Professoren der Fakultät

Elected staff members: Anke Geppert, Edda Binder, Marco Gölz

Elected students: Alice Strobel, Kara Krieger, Ilhan Oguzhan, Christina Heinz, Marcel Sticher, Iulian-Andrei Veza