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Industry 4.0

Transfer Platform for Industry 4.0

The Universities of Applied Sciences in Aalen, Esslingen and Reutlingen support small and medium-sized companies in research and development to do with industry 4.0. To do this, they will receive start-up funding of a total of two million Euros over the next three years.

The aim is to advise small and medium-sized companies in the automobile industry, encourage model projects and offer support in the form of expertise and laboratories.  Topics include, for example, challenges in networking processes and locations, communication between components that are relevant for production (Internet of Things), or data security in today’s digitalised world of work. The universities will collaborate with the Steinbeis Foundation and other partners.

At Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, the Virtual Automation Lab under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sascha Röck and the Automation Technology Lab under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl-Heinz Kayser are involved in the transfer platform.

Homepage Transfer Platform For Industry 4.0


Lightweight electrical foldable scooters and bikes

The distances between the bus stop and place of work are often long. However, this perspective is going to change. The research project "TrottiElec" is developing retrofit kits for very lightweight electrical foldable scooters and bikes. Ready-to-test prototypes will be assessed for their utility in traffic in a large fleet. The aim is to achieve their legal use on public traffic routes and to develop a product that is ready for series production from 2018.

Faculty of Mobility and Technology, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Institute for Sustainable Energy Technologies and Mobility (INEM), Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Traffic Engineering, Stuttgart University of Technology (Hochschule für Technik)
Hudora GmbH, Remscheid,TUEV Sued GmbH, Munich

Project Volume
250.000 € (€200K grants, €50K own contributions HE/HFT)

Scientific Coordination
Prof. Dr. Oliver Zirn, Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3571


Innovative Assistance Systems for Industrial Production

The aim of the interdisciplinary research project is to build prototypes to simplify production processes. The focus is the optimisation of assembly procedures in manual production. The new assistance systems will reduce assembly times and enhance quality. Intensive interdisciplinary collaboration between the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Social Work, Health Care and Nursing Sciences ensures the high quality of the technical and social-scientific aspects of the project. 

Faculty of Mechanical and Systems Engineering, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Public Funding
German Federal Ministry for Economy and Technology

Schnaithmann Maschinenbau GmbH, University of Stuttgart, Audi, Bessey, GWW, Korion

Project Volume
over 3 mill. Euros

Scientific Coordination
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Kruell, Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3369 Prof. Dr. Thomas Heidenreich, Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-4586


Intelligent Process Development System to Manufacture Biological Products

The project "Prosys" refines standardised procedures in the biopharmaceutical industry. The aim is to generate a system to optimise the development of cultivation processes in the manufacture of biological products, e.g. recombinant proteins or antibiotics. The main focus of attention is online process analysis and the extensive automatization of bioprocesses.

Faculty of Science, Energy and Building Services, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Public Funding
Central Innovation Programme for Small and Medium-sized Companies (ZIM),
German Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy (BMWi)

Micro-Biolytics GmbH, Esslingen
Infors HT, Bottmingen, Switzerland

Scientific Coordination
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Richard Biener, Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-3551


Teaching and Learning with Digital Media

Scientists at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences are investigating the question of how digital media, technologies and teaching formats influence university teaching. The researchers are also looking at the ways in which digitalisation will change day-to-day learning environment at universities. Some digital media have not yet been tried out at universities – such as ether pads. E-portfolios and mobile learning are among the many new methods that are being examined in the project.

Faculty of Social Work, Education and Nursing Sciences

All faculties at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and various organisational units (e.g. library, computer centre)

Public Funding
Ministry for Science, Research and Art, Baden-Wuerttemberg. Funding programme: Digital Innovations for Smart Teaching – Better Learning

Project Volume
249.000 Euros

Scientific Coordination
Prof. Dr. Verena Ketter, Tel. +49 (0) 711 397-4578

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