Nursing Teacher Education (B.A.)

Nursing Teacher Education

The degree programme trains students in didactics and also equips them with the nursing and specialist skills they need to work in Nursing Teacher Education. The teaching focuses on the curricula of Nursing Teacher Education, the nursing sciences, their current research findings, tools and methods in equal measure. It is supplemented by material from the health sciences, and thus provides you not only with teaching expertise, but also the indispensable specialist and scientific foundations for teaching, instruction and practical guidance at the same time.

Programme objectives

On graduation, you can plan, carry out and evaluate teaching and learning processes in vocational and advanced training and further education on the basis of sound scientific principles and so as to be target-group specific and context related. You advise and support trainees and apprentices, and nurses too, in their further education and advanced training, and are involved in advisory and quality development processes in educational and training institutions.

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This degree programme awards 210 Credits (workload 750 hrs per semester).

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Nursing Teacher Education 

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Facts and Figures - at a glance

Degree awardedBachelor of Arts (B.A.)
FacultySocial Work, Education and Nursing Sciences
CampusEsslingen Hilltop Campus
Number of semesters7
Language of instructionGerman

For the winter semester: from April 25th to July 15th

Information on admission requirements
  • 32 places on the programme
  • University entrance qualification (Abitur, Fachhochschulreife or equivalent)
  • In exceptional cases, it is possible to take the programme without having gained a university entrance qualification
  • Vocational qualification as a geriatric care assistant, midwife, nurse or paediatric nurse.

Please submit your application for this degree programme via the portal.

Applicants for this degree programme must have completed their vocational training for example as a:

  • geriatric care assistant
  • midwife
  • paediatric nurse
  • nurse
  • nursing care professional.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Teacher Education you can:

  • provide instruction and conceptualise tasks in practical nursing training
  • teach at health and nursing schools, esp. practical teaching and practical supervision
  • plan and perform in-house further education and advanced training courses
  • undertake quality development for funding providers and institutions
  • A Master's degree is required for a teaching position at vocational schools for nursing and health in Germany. Following the Bachelor's degree in Nursing Teacher Education, you can complete a Master's degree in nursing at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

Eine Flexibilisierung des Studiums  bzw. das Studieren in individueller Geschwindigkeit (z.B. in der Familienphase) ist möglich. Zugleich besteht die Möglichkeit, 30 Credits aus pflegebezogenen Ausbildungen anrechnen zu lassen und damit das Studium um ein Semester zu verkürzen.

Weiterhin können staatlich anerkannte pflegebezogene Weiterbildungen angerechnet werden und Anteile des praktischen Studiensemesters durch weitere einschlägige berufliche Tätigkeit.

Zu Beginn des ersten Studiensemesters werden Sie ausführlich über Anrechnungsmöglichkeiten informiert. Die Antragstellung erfolgt im Anschluss.

Richtlinien zur Anerkennung und Anrechnung aus der Aus- und Weiterbildung

Pflegepädagogik Studium an der Hochschule Esslingen


  • Begleitung in der Studieneingangsphase
  • Ergänzende und unterstützende Tutorien
  • Persönliche Beratung durch die Professorinnen und Studierende der höheren Semester
  • Verlässlich festgelegte Studientage

Weitere Informationen zur Studienberatung


  • Großes Netzwerk an kooperierenden Praxiseinrichtungen
  • Praktisches Studiensemester in der Aus-, Fort- oder Weiterbildung in der Pflege
  • Praxisprojekt zu aktuellen Entwicklungen in der beruflichen Bildung in der Pflege

Weitere Informationen


  • Inputs aus aktuellen Forschungsprojekten der Professorinnen
  • Mitwirkung an Forschungsprojekten als stud. Hilfskraft
  • Anfertigung der Bachelorarbeit im Rahmen eines Forschungsprojekts

Zu den Forschungsprojekten der Fakultät SABP


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