Project 'SnakeSkinConveyer' Research project

SnakeskinConveyor: Development of injection-molded, bionically microstructured plastic plates with structure widths of approx. 1 µm, based on an anisotropic snakeskin structure, as a conveying surface covering for vibratory conveyors.

The aim of the research project is to develop microstructured plastic sheets with anisotropic friction values based on snakeskin in the dimensions 100 x 100 mm, which enable targeted conveying. The microstructure is to be applied to one side of the plate surface by means of an injection molding process and have structure widths of 1 µm. To this end, snakeskins are being researched and adapted as a CAD model for surface mapping with a tolerance accuracy of ±200 nm. In addition, an injection molding tool with mold inserts will be developed using laser structuring. The injection molding process will be designed variothermally to achieve a molding accuracy of >99 % and to prevent solidification of the plastic in the peripheral area. For this purpose, a thermal design of the near-contour temperature control of the mold surface is being developed, with which temperature change rates of up to 100 K/s at process pressures of up to 2000 bar can be achieved. Finally, a bonding concept is developed to achieve a shear strength of >20 MPa and a peel strength of >50 N/cm. The market potential is very high in Germany with a turnover of €16.5 billion in materials handling technology.


Duration: July 2022 - June 2024
Project partners: VIBROTEC Aktiengesellschaft AG; POLY-TOOLS bennewart GmbH
Funding code: KK5052611CD1
Project executing organization: AiF Projekt GmbH, ZIM Cooperation Projects.
Contact person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Deckert, Dennis Mayer, M.Eng.


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