Project MothEyeLens Forschungsprojekt

Development of innovative, slim ophthalmic and VR lenses with nanostructures mimicking moth eyes for a more intrinsic antireflection coating, followed by combined lacquer coating of the lenses within the injection mold.

The aim of the research project is to develop a new generation of eyeglass lenses, especially for the growing field of virtual reality. For this purpose, lenses made of thermoplastic are provided with a defined Fresnel nanostructure. The structuring makes it possible to achieve a significant reduction in weight, which increases the comfort of wearing glasses for the user. The properties of the lenses in terms of light refraction remain identical to the previous classic spectacle lenses.

The nanostructured lens blanks mentioned are to be manufactured by means of a 2-step variothermal injection molding process. The structure is transferred to the injection mold as a negative, so that the plastic lens blanks are embossed directly. To fix this embossing, a polyurethane-based hard coating is to be injected in a second step. Within the project, therefore, an injection molding tool with variable mold inserts for everyday lenses (curvature 4.5) and sports glasses (stronger curvature) is to be developed.



Duration: April 2023- March 2025
Project partners: Wetzlich Optik-Präzision GmbH, Müller & Wilisch GmbH.
Grant reference: KK5052613EB2ZF4166303FH8
Project Management Agency: AiF Projekt GmbH, ZIM Cooperation Projects
Contact persons: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Deckert, Alexander Melzer-Bartsch, M.Sc.



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