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Partner universities


The Faculty of Management has a wide range of links and contacts to international universities and companies abroad.

The list below details the partner universities of the Faculty of Management which are very popular with our students, and which we can recommend on the basis of our experiences.

Eine Datenbank mit allen Partnerhochschulen der Hochschule Esslingen finden sie unter MoveON - Auslandssemester - Aufenthaltsmöglichkeiten.

Planning and preparation

Planning the semester abroad

For your stay abroad to be successful, you should start your planning and preparations at an early stage, particularly in relation to any grants you may wish to apply for.

  • There are several options to integrate a stay abroad into your time at university:
  • Study for a semester at a partner university
  • Study for a semester as a so-called “free mover” at a university abroad which is not one of our partners
  • Internship abroad
  • Final project abroad
  • Attend a summer school


Esslingen University of Applied Sciences will help you to plan and undertake a study-related stay abroad.

Rules and recognition of credits in the LSF

Rules for the recognition of Semesters abroad (TBB SPO 4)

The SPO TBB (Examination Regulations) state that students must spend one semester abroad. This can be a semester of theoretical study or a semester of practical study/internship and must be of at least 3 months (90 days) duration. A semester of theoretical study must be spent at a recognised university abroad. Documentary proof of the semester abroad (confirmation of enrolment, list of grades obtained, copy of the reference from the employer or similar for an internship) must be submitted for checking to Ms Lilia Schwarz, assistant to the Academic Director, stating your name and student ID number. A certified translation may be requested in some circumstances.

The credits obtained during the semester abroad should be registered in the following semester (in the final semester at the latest) in the LSF campus management system (i. e. not in the semester you are abroad). After the supporting documents have been checked and approved, the semester abroad is listed as “bestanden” (successfully completed).

It may be possible for a semester of study undertaken at a university abroad before you started your degree programme in Esslingen to be recognised as a semester abroad.


  • Recognition of the semester abroad (semester of theoretical or practical study /internship): Academic Director
  • Recognition of the internship (in Germany or abroad): Director, Internship Office
  • Recognition of examinations passed at universities abroad: International programme coordinators


Planning and recognition of subjects taken abroad

Rules for the planning and recognition of subjects taken abroad - TBB and TAB


You can search for possible courses for your semester abroad on the website of the foreign university you wish to attend. At “Downloads” on this page you will find an overview of subjects at selected partner universities which have been credited 1:1 since 2016. Further information is contained in our lists of free mover universities, which can be sent to you on request or can be viewed at the course planning and advice office

Ms. Höger-Riedel during office hours: Mon – Thu, 9:00 to 12:00.


The overviews are a good guide, but are not a guarantee of recognition, since the course content may vary from semester to semester.


1:1 Recognition of subjects abroad

When selecting your subjects and the 1:1 recognition you would like, you must ensure that the subjects abroad are at the same level as the subjects at HSE (agreement of course content, semester level from the 4th semester, records of performance). Your Learning Agreement must plan for at least 12 credits and you must pass at least one examination.


Mandatory electives undertaken at a university abroad

If you choose a subject which has no exact equivalent at HSE, "WPF an ausländischer Hochschule erbracht” (mandatory elective completed at university abroad) can be selected from the WPF 1 or WPF 2 - the corresponding ECTS are then taken into account. In this case, the title of the subject taken at the university abroad does not appear on the certificate, it says instead "WPF an ausländischer Hochschule erbracht".

You have the option and the flexibility to gain all credits for your mandatory electives by means of subjects taken at universities abroad. To take the subject abroad, you must have chosen a management or economics profile (see overview mandatory electives at “Downloads”).

All subjects must be included in the course planning, even those which you do not wish to have recognised. The German designation in this case is "Zusatzfach". The title of the subject will appear on the final certificate. If you do not want the title to appear, the right-hand column must be left blank.



Binding recognition of your course credits is granted when your course recognition form has been approved: the form, together with the certificate from the university abroad and the course descriptions in English, must be sent to

Christiane Höger-Riedel as soon as your stay abroad ends.



  • Grades obtained abroad are not credited.
  • A subject which you have already taken and been examined in at HSE may not be taken and examined again at your university abroad.


After the courses you have taken have been checked and recognised, Prof. Mathis or Ms Höger-Riedel signs the form. The international programme coordinator then sends the form together with the certificate to the Examinations Office.


We strongly recommend that you attend the information events on stays abroad which are held by the International Office on a regular basis.

Dual Degree

Dual Degree Programm:
Dual Degree with Gannon University, Erie, USA for TBB

  • Students of TBB can complete a Dual Degree with Gannon University (GU), in Erie, USA.
  • After staying at Gannon for at least 2 semesters they receive 2 grades:  Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in International Management (BSBA) of the GU and Bachelor of Science in Internationale Technische Betriebswirtschaft (International Industrial Managegment) from HE
  • No additional tuition fees. Possibility to apply for a double degree scholarship

  • The US Degree allows to get a visa H-1B working and residence permit for one year

  • Bachelor’s thesis can be written either in Esslingen at HE or in Erie at GU or both

  • Each year, up to 5 students from Esslingen are admitted to enroll into the Dual-Degree Program

  • Only students who have successfully finished the first two semesters (first study period) are allowed to apply for the Dual Degree Program

  • The online application for the first round of admission is open from  
      December 2nd  to January 31st.

  • For further information contact your faculty coordinator:

Prof. Dr. Uta Mathis 

  • You can choose from the following study models:


People to contact

People to Contact within the university

International Office

The International Office provides various types of support, including:

  •  Information events on how to plan a semester abroad
  •  Organisation and coordination of study semesters at partner universities abroad
  •  Advice on grants and other funding options for studying and doing an internship abroad
  •  Direct processing of various grants
  •  Preparation for selection interviews with funding providers
  •  Events with international exchange students as part of the “International Friends” programme
  •  Intercultural seminars
  •  Free mover advice
  • Language courses


The Institute of Foreign Languages is integrated into the International Office; it offers a wide range of language courses and also issues language certificates.


International programme coordinator for the faculty:

The international programme coordinators are responsible for the international affairs of the faculty. They are the people to contact when it comes to choosing your subjects at the partner university, they sign the “Learning Agreement”, and are responsible for recognising any course credits earned abroad.


International programme coordinator for the Faculty of Management:

Prof. Dr. Uta Mathis

Advice on course planning and course recognition:

Christiane Höger-Riedel

Faculty of Management Internship Office:

The Internship Office of the Faculty of Management will support you with the planning and organisation of your internship abroad.

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