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Boards and Commissions

Faculty Council:

The Faculty Council (FAR) is responsible for all issues related to teaching. Its tasks include making decisions on new degree course and examination regulations, the appointment of the Academic Affairs Committee, the Examination Board and the laboratory managers, and it also decides on professorial appointment proposals, for example.  The Faculty Council elects the Dean, the Academic Director and the Associate Deans. It makes decisions on the setting up, changes to, and the closing of faculty facilities (e.g. laboratories). In addition, the Faculty Council must agree to the structural and development plans of the faculty.

The Faculty Council comprises all faculty professors, 3 members of staff and 6 students.

members of staff are:
Michael Kielkopf
Ulrike Schmid
Michael Dunst
Erna Enthaler-Schweizer (stand-in)

Samantha Götschl
Kai Moltzen
Maximilian Losberger
Jan Föhl


The Dean is ex officio chair of this governing body.

Academic Affairs Committee:

The Academic Affairs Committee deals with issues relating to teaching and studying. The Academic Affairs Committee has 10 members. These are six elected professors and four elected students. The Academic Affairs Committee is chaired by the Academic Director.

The Committee can appoint further “experts” or “specialists”. Besides its main tasks, the teaching report and the assessment of the evaluation, other issues and problems being experienced by students are dealt with and solutions to problems are worked out jointly.

Academic Affairs Committee for TAB/TBB/IMM/DBB: Dorothee Brauner (chair), Philipp Schreiber, Oliver Dürr, Dietmar Vahs, Michael Flad, Ralf Wörner, Markus Hartinger

for IM: Michael Flad (chair), Matthias Deckert, Helmut Kohlert, Catharina Kriegbaum-Kling, Karin Melzer, Siegfried Zürn

for WNB: Doerte Laing-Nepustil (chair), Ulrich Nepustil, Ben Marx, Badreddin Abolmaali, Rainer Elste, Marcel Wiedemann

for SFM: Ulrich Nepustil (chair), Simone Zeuchner, Markus Kirchner, Bernhard Weigl, Georg Schmidt, Christian Cseh

for MTB/MPK/DEB: Markus Ledermann (chair), Udo Lang, Christian Nemec, Klaus Harig, Jürgen Minuth

Examination Board:

The Examination Board comprises seven professors, in particular the Academic Director and the Director, Internship Office; the Board is chaired by the Dean. Its main task is to make decisions on hardship applications submitted by students. The Board must comply with the Guidelines set by the Central Examination Committee when making its decisions.

Examination Board TAB/TBB/IMM/DBB: Ulrich Nepustil (chair), Dorothee Brauner, Oliver Dürr, Philipp Schreiber, Helmut Wlcek

Examination Board IM: Michael Flad (chair) Matthias Deckert, Helmut Kohlert, Catharina Kriegbaum-Kling, Karin Melzer, Siegfried Zürn, Uta Mathis

Examination Board WNB/SFM/MTB/MPK/DEB: Ulrich Nepustil (chair), Markus Ledermann, Udo Lang,  Badreddin Abolmaali

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