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Getting to know some of Esslingen University’s students

Esslingen University is not just all about learning, exams, research and qualifications: it is also all about people and the role we play in their lives. Students come to Esslingen from all over Germany and the world to study in our programmes – some of them completing an English master’s, some studying for a semester in one of our German programmes. Where are they from? What is their experience here in Esslingen? What would they like to communicate to their German peers?

Once a month, #EsslingenStudents publishes an interview with one of our students. In this interview, they speak of their decision to come to Esslingen and their experiences here during their studies.

#EsslingenStudents also appears on our social media channels Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you are interested to join one of Esslingen‘s international master’s programmes, please visit the Graduate School homepage.

Graduate School

Apply for summer semester 2022!

The application period for the summer semester 2022 begins on November 15th 2021 .

More information
Catriona Fekete-Nester
M.A. (Dalhousie Univ.) Catriona Fekete-Nester

Working from home Monday - Friday 10-12 and 2-4 p.m.