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We are proud to offer our 1st International Teaching Week on 16th to 20th May 2022!

Join us to give lectures, exchange ideas, gain interational teaching experience and meet colleagues from all over the world!

A professor from Esslingen University will be your academic host throughout the programme.

General information

General information

The HE International Teaching Week focuses mainly on networking and academic exchange. All participants have the opportunity to take part in lectures and workshops given by their colleagues.

In addition, the Esslingen University offers a social and cultural programme.


Esslingen and Göppingen


16th May - 20th May 2022


The [HE International Teaching Week will be held in English.


We don't charge any fee.


Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the participants (or by an ERASMUS scholarship if applicable).


We highly recommend to reserve accommodation not too late as hotels in our region are often fully booked.



Your guest lecture at Esslingen University can be funded by your home university as Erasmus+ Mobility.

There are two options:

Teaching Mobility Training Mobility
Interinstitutional Agreement required* No Interinstitutional Agreement required

*If there is no existing Interinstitutional Erasmus+ Agreement between our universities, we are ready to conclude an IIA on Teaching Mobility. Please contact the Erasmus Coordinator of your home university to clarify the funding options.


Topics we are looking for

Guest lecturers will be asked to deliver at least one session in their respective subject area and are welcome to suggest a lecture as part of the "Studium Generale".

Basic Sciences

Title Degree course
Mathematics Mechatronics (BA)
Mathematics Automation (BA)
Mathematics Building Services (MA)
Technical Physics Automotive Systems (BA)
Physical Chemistry Chemical Engineering (BA)
Statistics Business Engineering (BA)
Mathematics Business Engineering (BA)


Title Degree course
Drug Targets Biotechnology (BA)
Cell Biology Biotechnology (BA)

Building Services/Environmental Engineering

Title Degree course
Renewable Energies Energy and Environmental Engineering (BA)
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Energy and Environmental Engineering (BA)
Solid Waste Management and Technology Environmental Engineering (BA)
Air Quality Environmental Protection (MA)
Industrial Waste Water Treatment Environmental Protection (MA)


Title Degree course
Management Accounting Business Information Systems (BA)
International Finance and Risk Management International Industrial Management (MBA)
Corporate Finance / Behavioral Finance Technical Business (BA)
Production Management International Industrial Management (BA)
Digital Enterprise and Information Systems International Industrial Management (MBA)
ERP-Systems, SAP International Industrial Management (BA)
Business Process Management International Industrial Management (BA)
Controlling / Management Accounting International Industrial Management (BA)
Innovation and Technology Management International Industrial Management (MBA)
Sustainable Supply Chain Management International Industrial Management (MBA)
Quality Management International Industrial Management (BA)
Financial Planning/Business Planning Innovation Management (MA)
Entrepreneurship International Industrial Management (MBA)
Business Process Management Process Mining ERP-Systems/ SAP International Industrial Management (BA)
Marketing and Sales Engineering Management (BA)

Chemical Engineering

Title Degree Course
General Chemistry Chemical Engineering (BA)
Polymer Materials Chemical Engineering (BA)

Computing/Information Technology

Title Degree course
Automotive Radar Computer Engineering (BA)
Digital Signal Processing Computer Engineering (BA)
Mathematics, Modeling and Simulation Python Computer Science (BA)
Software Engineering Software Engineering (BA)
Adavanced Software Engineering Applied Computer Science (MA)
Secure Coding Applied Computer Science (MA)
Automotive Safety and Security Automotive Systems (MA)
Safety and Security Computer Engineering (BA)
Python Smart Factory (MA)
Service Computing - Service-Oriented Processes Smart Factory (MA)
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Engineering Management (BA)

Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics

Title Degree course
Computer Sided Engineering with Creo Parametic Mechanical Engineering (BA)
Fatigue Test Lab Mechanical Engineering (BA)
Laboratory Fuel Cell Mechanical Engineering (BA)
Advanced Engineering Materials Mechanical Engineering (MA)
Turbo Machines Mechanical Engineering (BA)
Sustainable Energy Systems Mechanical Engineering (BA)
Toolmaking with Metal Additive Manufactering Mechanical Engineering (BA)
Materials Technology Mechanical Engineering (BA)
Product Life Cycle Management DDM (MA)
Fatigue and Fracture Mechanical Engineering (BA)
Materials Science, Surface Technology Automotive Engineering (BA)
Energy for Mobility Automotive Engineering (MA)


Title Degree Course
Interrelation of Climate Change, Sustainability and Health Nursing Sciences (MA)
People with Disabilities Nursing Sciences (BA)
Evidence-based Nursing Nursing Sciences (BA)
Disease or Disability as Life Event Nursing Sciences (BA)
Communication and Interaction Nurding Sciences (BA)

Social Work and Education

Title Degree Course
People with Disabilities Social Work (BA)
Cultural Diversity in the Migration Society Early childhood education (BA)
Chronic Disability Social Work (BA)
Migration and Flight Social Work (BA)

Studium Generale (Lectures of General Educational Nature)

These lectures focus on current, usually interdisciplinary subjects.

The Studium Generale



Preliminary Programme

Preliminary Programme

The programme will be updated within the next few months.

Sunday 15th May

Individual arrival

Monday 16th May

Time Event Place
09:45 am - 10:45 am Welcome desk City campus
11:00 am - 04:45 pm Teaching all campuses
05:00 pm - 08:15 pm Open guest lectures all campuses

Tuesday 17th May

Time Event Place
07:30 am - 03:00 pm Teaching all campuses
03:15 pm - 06:30 pm Open guest lectures all campuses
06:45 pm - 08:15 pm Guided city tour Esslingen City Campus
08:30 pm - 10:00 pm Welcome dinner Esslingen

Wednesday 18th May

Time Event Place
07:30 am - 03:00 pm Teaching all campuses
03:15 pm - 04:45 Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart

Thursday 19th May

Time Event Place
07:30 am - 03:00 pm Teaching all campuses
03:15 pm - 04:45 Open guest lectures all campuses
05:00 pm - 08:00 pm International Night Hilltop campus

Friday 20th May

Time Event Place
07:30 am - 04:45 pm Teaching all campuses
05:00 pm - 06:30 pm Guided city tour Göppingen Göppingen
06:45 pm Farewell dinner Göppingen

Saturday 21st May

Individual departure





31st December

Selection process

Participants will be chosen by the Departmental Coordinators of Esslingen University. All applicants will be informed by 31st January 2022 at the latest.

Application Form

Please fill in the Online Application



Hochschule Esslingen - University of Applied Sciences
International Centre and Graduate School
Kanalstraße 33
73728 Esslingen


Apply for summer semester 2022!

Attention, the application phase only runs until 15 January.

Please note that the application deadlines for the international Master's degree programmes may differ.

Apply now