We concertedly offer an International Staff Week to partners and guests. We would like to show the excellence in technologies, the diversity in fields of research and the level of innovation in teaching and learning represented by leading universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

NOVUM INTERNATIONAL WEEK means 4 Universities - 4 Towns - 4 Campuses

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Nürtingen Universtiy of Applied Sciences

Reutlingen Universtiy of Applied Sciences

Stuttgart University of Applied Science

22. - 26. October 2018

General information


The NOVUM International Week will be held in English.


We don't charge any fee. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered by the participants (or by an ERASMUS scholarship if applicable).


We highly recommend to reserve accommodation not too late as hotels in our region are often fully booked. You can choose a hotel either in Stuttgart or in one of the other towns. For your comfort you should choose a hotel close to a railway station. Stuttgart and Esslingen are located very central. You need only one hotel because all universities are readily accessible by public transort.

Public transport

On Sunday you will have to organize your tickets yourselves. If you arrive at the airport and your hotel is in Stuttgart or Esslingen, please buy a UmweltTagesTicket for 4 zones at the ticket machine. You can use this ticket the whole day and go with it to the television tower to join the welcome meeting. The price is 8,20 Euro. It's definitely the cheapest ticket! The ticket machines are situated in the airport (downstairs at the entrance to the S-Bahn).

On Monday you will also have to organize your tickets youselves. You have to take the train to go to Reutlingen. The best an cheapest way is to buy a Metrop

Preliminary programme

The program will be updated within the next few weeks. Please check our website before you register.

Preliminary program


Contact Hochschule Esslingen:
Diana Budde

Contact Hochschule Nürtingen-Geislingen:
Jutta Schnell 

Contact Hochschule Reutlingen:
Udo Stelzer 

Contact Hochschule Stuttgart:            
Dr. Michael Geiger 


Dear applicant,

please fill in all required fields to register for the NOVUM International Week 2018 by 5th October.


Your NOVUM Team

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