Meet Yayu Bi from China

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Yayu Bi is a senior student in the B.Eng. in Automotive Engineering. This is Yayu’s second year of study; she is currently completing her internship at Porsche in Stuttgart.

Moving to Esslingen

I chose to study in Esslingen because it is around Stuttgart, which is famous for its automobile industry. I wanted to have more connections with the car companies in Stuttgart, like doing an internship or some excursions in the companies or workshops.

Before I came, I was pretty worried that I can’t make good friends here and would feel lonely. Because almost all my best friends stay in my home country. This actually did partially come true. I really have missed my family and friends in China in the past year. But I have also have some new friends here, like my roommate, other international students and my classmates.

What I was looking forward to

I felt really excited that I can experience different cultures in Europe. I was looking forward to travelling around not only Germany but also the other countries, enjoying the beautiful sceneries, trying food and drinks which I have never seen before.

And this all came true! During the Christmas holiday 2019, before the Corona crisis hit Europe, I went to France and Switzerland. Last year I also took part in the excursion to Italy organized by the university and visited some companies and museums there, like Lamborghini, Ducati and so on.

Studying in Esslingen

I really like that we do not only sit in the classrooms and listen to the teacher, but also have the opportunities to visit the workshops from Audi and Daimler and listen to lectures given by the staff there, so that we can gain some more practical knowledge.

What I enjoy most about living in Esslingen is actually the Christmas Market, which I have never experienced before. All the people were dressed like they came from the middle Ages. It’s really interesting and lively!

I’m doing my internship in Porsche now and it will end in March in the next year. I felt really excited to do the internship in Porsche and all the colleagues are really nice. Then I will start to write my thesis in the University with Professor Lücken.

Studying during Corona

My internship was delayed to October because of Corona, which means I had to wait for almost half a year with nothing to do. So I decided to learn something at home, like programming. It was quite hard getting through that time, feeling lonely and confused. But things are finally on the right track, although we still need some time to fight with the Corona. 

If I could ask the German students around me to do one thing for me...

...I would like to ask them to tell me how they can remember which word should use “der”, “das”, or “die”. Although it’s impossible :).


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