Meet Takashi Kobayashi from Japan

Takashi Kobayashi studied in Esslingen from September 2021 to February 2022. He was taking classes from the International Industrial Management Bachelor degree programme.

My stay abroad in 5 words…

Challenging, unforgettable, travel, kind, people

Deciding for Germany and Esslingen

My hobby is watching football games. Over the past few years, a lot of Japanese football players have played in the Bundesliga. All of them had a favourable impression of the German character and culture. Based on this information, I really wanted to spend some time in Germany and communicate with German people. But to be honest, before coming to Germany, I didn’t have any information about Esslingen. I knew a bit about Stuttgart because of VfB Stuttgart. A Japanese player, Endo, is the captain of this team. For another reason, my home university and Esslingen university had an exchange agreement. That’s why I chose Esslingen.

Studying in Esslingen

Compared to Japan, many classes in Esslingen were small with about 20-30 participants. Also, students were actively engaged in the classes. I really admired this attitude! One thing I remember the best about my studies in Esslingen is a group presentation I did about the Global company TOYOTA together with 2 German students. This was memorable.

My biggest worries and what I was looking forward to

When I was a child  (maybe 1 year old), I lived in Malaysia with my family. But living alone in a foreign country was the first time for me. I was worried whether I can make friends with other guys. In addition, I was not sure if I would feel comfortable with the environment and food, etc.. But none of my worries came true! Every exchange student and local student was kind to me. Even when I made mistakes in English, they said to me, “it’s okay keep on going!” and my worries disappeared soon. I was looking forward to watching football games in Germany. Especially, I wanted to see a Bayern Munich game. Unfortunately, that didn’t came true because Covid spread widely in the winter season… Did I learn some German? Das ist richtig. Ein bisschen. (That’s right. A bit.)

About my free time in Germany and German food

In my free time I was watching Netflix and did a lot of travelling. I went to cities in Germany (Frankfurt, Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Munich, Regensburg) and in Spain (Barcelona and Sevilla). The most beautiful experience I had was when we went to Neuschwanstein Castle with  my friends living in Stuttgart! Out of the German food I got to know, I definitely love “Schnitzel und Pommes”. No other any choice. It looks like “Katsu” from Japan. When I think back, if I could have asked the German students to do one thing for me, I would have asked them to cook some great Schnitzel and Pommes together :-). 

What I also want to say (to future incoming students at Esslingen University)

Take care and enjoy staying in Esslingen!


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