Meet Linford Dominic Pinto from India



A major reason why I wanted to study in the Esslingen MBA is that the curriculum and the course modules are very much in line with modern industry requirements. The programme is very reputed, and it is located at the heart of many world-renowned industries with a number of industrial tie-ups. 

Before I started, I was looking forward to learning as much as possible from the courses, from my professors and fellow classmates who are all from diverse backgrounds - both culturally as well as regarding their professional experience. Now that I am in the middle of my studies I can say that, in every conversation with my classmates, I learn something new.


The majority of my classmates are here in Esslingen, but some of them are in their home countries. We meet mostly online for class activities, but we also have social media groups where we talk and have some good conversations, which helps a lot. Before the situation got so bad, we had planned to meet up, but we unfortunately had to cancel it due to the rising Corona cases in Esslingen. But we are definitely planning to have a meetup as soon as we can.

What I really like about my studies in Esslingen is the practical approach of the course, and that every course is new for me and I become more and more curious with every new thing I learn. Having a background in the industry helps me to correlate certain aspects of the courses and enhance my understanding.

I am enjoying the subjects in my MBA course and, after graduation, I would like to work in the fields I am currently studying. My interests lie in the fields of strategy, finance and marketing and - with my technical background - in roles which combine technical and management aspects.


Esslingen itself is a beautiful, charming town with majestic old churches and buildings. There are lots of places to eat and sometimes, after a busy study schedule, to sit back and enjoy a pint of beer.

The Corona situation is not affecting me much. Of course, I am careful when I go out, I maintain social distancing and so on. I mainly don’t let the negativity regarding Corona affect me - and due to my busy study schedule, I tend to sometimes forget about Corona.

If I could ask the German students around me to do one thing, it would be...

"Komm, lass uns ein Bier trinken und uns kennenlernen."


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