What is a Besenwirtschaft?

On the 8th of December, the Esslingen MBA students were invited to a Besenwirtschaft in Obertuerkheim by Frank Berauer. He is currently teaching Project Management, "with the Stammtisch I would like to get to know the students better, along with sharing local culture and tradition".

"Having delicious Swabian Maultaschen coupled with excellent wine in such a special surrounding, brightened our evening." - Hyunah shared.

"I had a lively discussion with the winemaker about winery, grapes and varieties" - Agustin said. "I am from Chile" - he added.

With excellent wine and snacks, the students spent a joyful and cozy evening together, but to the point; what is a "Besenwitschaft"? It is a very old german word, used in the south of Germany which brings us back to the past, to old little taberns in the 9th Century (!). Nowadays it is usually a simpler inn, open only seasonally, serving homemade wines and brandies and simple hearty dishes such as warmbroths, Swabian Maultaschen, Kartoffelsalat, or some bread with cheeses and cold meats from the region.


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