Vinodhini Sekar, a two-time award winner (MBA)

Award of the City of Esslingen and the Robert Bosch Prize for outstanding quality.


First of all, Congratulations! You received this year's Esslingen City Prize and the Robert Bosch Award. What do they mean to you?

Thank you so much. I am glad to get an award from such a big organization like Bosch and from the City of Esslingen. It will remain forever in my heart, and I see this as a reward for my hard work. These awards are precious to my career growth.


How did you find out about the awards, and what does it feel like being awarded twice?

I was clueless when they announced my name on the stage. In addition, I was extremely happy thrilled when I saw my name on the big screen for the awards. I will cherish these awards forever.


Take us with you to your thesis:

What did you investigate and how did you develop your topic?

I started my job at Bosch Reutlingen as a working student. I was working in the field of customer support and claims management (semiconductor parts). I was responsible for dealing with the SAP system's global suppplier‘s (OSATs) claims. I gained experience in SAP software during my work student tenure and wanted to further develop my knowledge in the same area. Bosch has already planned and is working towards migrating from the current version of SAP R/3 to the latest version of SAP S/4HANA. The Bosch quality team wanted to understand the changes that S/4HANA brings to the recent claims management process.


How important is your research for the company?

The thesis findings will help the claims management department at Bosch Reutlingen to understand the expected changes with the upcoming S/4HANA migration well in advance. Additionally, the claims management department will receive a profound theoretical insight into the new user interface helping the mental readiness for change for the migration process. It will also serve as an input for the supporting team assisting SAP S/4HANA implementation team to analyze the impact of SAP S/4HANA migration on the process interface and functionalities of IT tools used in the other business processes.


What do you take away from your time in the MBA program and at Robert Bosch? 

International Industrial Management helped me to gain knowledge about state-of-the-art technologies in industries. Most of the professors in our courses are directly from the industries; they share their practical experiences with us, which helped us connect with the various Industry practices. One of the subjects is corporate strategy, where we developed the business strategy for the real company in the market.

This MBA course students from different nations, in that way, it helped us to develop intercultural competence, and we exchanged knowledge about the industry practices in different countries. I am delighted with the MBA program at Esslingen University.

Technical Skills: SAP Software, 8D problem solving problem-solving tool, Business Process Modelling, Claim Management Process.

Soft Skills: Bosch internal systems, teamwork, working culture, international exposure while working with international suppliers.


How did you experience the completion of your master's thesis in the industry? How did the MBA prepare you for it?

Doing the Master Thesis in the industry helped me to work on the real problem of the industry. Structuring the work, time management, teamwork, vital thesis and problem solvin was very important. MBA at Hochschule Esslingen has helped me to get experience in these above to get experience in these qualities through their extraordinary curriculum setup.


What are the most important things you learn in the Esslingen MBA program when you think about your further future career and on a personal level?

The Esslingen MBA in International Industrial Management helped me to gain knowledge about the state-of-the-art of technologies in industries. All the professors are well experienced in industries, they share their practical experiences with us. It helped us to be connected with the various industry best practices. Subjects like corporate strategy and innovation management helped enabled us to work on the real problems of the companies. By solving the case studies together with my MBA classmates from international background helped me to develop my intercultural competence and offered me a great excellent platform for knowledge transfer.



I am thrilled and proud to say that I am an MBA graduate from a reputed university like Esslingen University. I started my course when my child was 1.5 years old. As a mother, it was the most demanding, and most challenging period for me to pursue this MBA course. Nevertheless, it helped me in many ways to regain my confidence and supportiveness after two years of maternity break. I am very grateful to my family, mentors and friends who motivated and supported me throughout this Journey. I take this opportunity today to thank my husband, Rakesh, and my child, Kaushik.

In addition, special thanks to the Bosch Team who attended my graduation ceremony. My industry supervisors, Dr. Kerstin Luik-Biedermann and Mr. Jens Martin Heyer.

My sincere thanks to the academic director, Professor Dr. Flad, the Director of the IC GS, Professor Dr. Zürn, and to my Thesis supervisor Professor Dr. Uta Mathis.


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