Yunhua Hou is a fresh graduate in the MBA in International Industrial Management, Hochschule Esslingen.

Due to the Covid situation, Yunhua Hou started his studies on-line from his home in China.

In the final semester he came back to Esslingen, for his  Corporate Project and Master´s Thesis.

Since he was in Esslingen, we had the chance chat and he answered a couple of questions:


What do you like about Esslingen?

I like that it is a relatively big city with great convenience in shopping, transportation, but specially an outstanding background of industrial engineering.


What valuable experiences were you able to take with you from your professional time

in your home country to Germany?

I learned that a good work-life balance is essential, and high efficiency at work is a guarantee for a more relaxing life. Further education is absolutely a career boost which brings you more opportunities. Keep learning.


Which three keywords do you spontaneously associate with your studies?

There are many, but if I must decide for three those would be: efficient, promising, value-adding


What did you use the most from your studies during your internship/master´s thesis?

I used the most how to conceptualize a practical problem and apply well-developed methodology to generate solutions.


Which event, which person or place from your student days do you always like to look

back on?

it’s the period when all lectures were online in the beginning and my wife was pregnant back in China staying with me, we together managed to get everything done properly, with great support from school side as well. So I’m truly grateful for everything.


What did you have to bring with you to successfully integrate as a student

I think it’s to clearly understand what you need to help your improve your career path. After years of work, I find what’s taught in the lectures fit well or some are reflected directly from my experience. 


Do you have a special tip for our future students on starting The Esslingen MBA?

I would recommend them to plan your study well, join the industry actively by taking the chance of doing internship, contacting professors, and business leaders. Branding yourself is essential in getting an offer of everything.


What do you think people need to be able to do in the future?

I think people need to build up environmental awareness by integrating sustainability into all walks of life. Sustainability is an evitable option for every industry.


What are your personal plans for the future? What are your next steps?

I currently work in the global headquarter of a multinational company in automotive industry, located in Stuttgart. My next plan is to bring over my wife and daughter to live with me here in Germany. 


Thank you very much Yunhua Hou for your interview!



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