A new kind of graduation

Like any other year on Feburary 26 2021, the graduating Esslingen MBA students dressed up and gathered with friends, family, peers and staff to attend their Graduation.

The notable (and for this year predictable) difference was that all of this happened behind screens in bedrooms, on couches or kitchen tables, and in various corners of the country and the globe.

The event, hosted my MBA Academic Director Prof. Dr. Michael Flad, consisted of two distinct parts. The first of which was the formal ceremony which took the shape of a presentation featuring talks and introductions from Graduate School Dean (now Director of the International Centre and Graduate School) Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zürn, who talked passionately about the trials and the tribulations of the inconceivable year we had all just experienced. He praised the students for their hard work and tenacity in the face of such a complicated circumstance.

“I’m glad that, even though the Pandemic made it impossible for the graduates to gather together physically, we were still able to garner at least some sense of community.” said Prof. Zürn.

“The students work so hard and have really earned this so we also plan to follow up with a physical summer event to celebrate all the Graduates once more.” He said.

During the event, we also heard from valued MBA Alumni Association Member Sergo Dreving who congratulated the students on their passage into their future careers and talked a little about his experience since graduating himself.

Class Speakers Avani Rathod and Busra Yildiz were thanked for their tireless efforts as well as the Student Ambassadors, all of whom have been instrumental in assisting the smooth arrival of new internationals.

A continues albeit silent applause formed the backdrop to the smiling and proud faces of each individual graduate as they turned on their camera and waved on the calling of their name.

The event then shifted over into social gathering platform ‘Wonder’ where students new and old, as well as staff members were able to meet, chat and share stories more casually.

“All and all it turned out to be quite a fun and successful event.” Commented Prof Flad “We were really happy we were able to put it on for the students.”

- Phil McDowell


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