After a two-year break from the Corona, this year our graduates from the Graduate School together with other students from the University of Esslingen were finally able to celebrate their graduation again!! Just in time for the 100th anniversary, the traditional Esslingen's Kandelmarsch took place again.

Equipped with top hat, beer mug and ladder, the newly former students set off on their way through the old town to say goodbye to their university and the city of Esslingen. A cold rain shower hit shortly before the start of the procession, many of the participants started the march not quite dry-footed, but they didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all. One foot on the pavement and one foot on the street, since this is how the first Kandelmarsch took place in 1922, the parade roamed throught the beautiful old town of Esslingen leaving behind memorable and funny moments.

Viel spaß and congratulation to all of them!!!

- Alexandra Eritja Real


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