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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eberhard Kienzle

Saying goodbye to a very good friend

For the Graduate School Team, it is hard to lose someone who worked so closely with us for so long, and who remained an active part of our lives and a good friend until his death. Many of our alumni will remember Dr. Kienzle fondly as one of the founding professors in the Esslingen Graduate School, and the first Academic Director of the MSc in Information Technology and Automation Systems.

Those first years with Dr. Kienzle were dynamic, with the new programmes finding their feet, the university expanding its international appeal and a whole new student body developing in Esslingen. Dr. Kienzle‘s academic contribution helped form and continually develop the IA programme, and his drive and enthusiasm, as well as his precision and his eye for detail, were a huge support for our team.

Something that was very apparent about Dr. Kienzle was that he cared very deeply, not only for his programme and his work, but also for his students. He organised Christmas parties for the IA students, managed to get Santa to come and give them presents, told them stories of German ways and customs, and went out of his way personally to go to his own favourite baker’s to get them "the best Hefezopf in Esslingen."

After his retirement in 2003, Dr. Kienzle stayed in close contact with the Graduate School Team. In spite of his increasingly severe Parkinson’s, he was very active; holidaying in Tibet, going canoeing, and biking everywhere - including up the hill to the GS Office. He was not a man to be kept down by his illness, but battled it until the end, and we admired him very much for this.

Dr. Eberhard Kienzle was a brilliant academic, a kind and caring man with a huge heart and very strong moral principles. He showed the entire Graduate School Team past and present how important we were to him as people, and we will miss him very much. Our deepest condolences go out to his wife Evelyn, his children and grandchildren.

A Message from Yuan Yong, MSc IA 1999-01

In memory of Prof. Kienzle

Dr. Kienzle was one of my favorite professors at FH Esslingen. As a student of the first IA graduate program, I was privileged to be in his Imaging Processing class in the first semester. He presented the course in a very clear and accurate manner. We found him way too strict and absolutely intolerant of any low quality work. Even if I had spent hours tweaking contouring algorithms using MATLAB, he made me believe that there was still plenty of room for improvement. Even today, I appreciate his encouragement to me always to achieve the best until it is perfect.

Seemingly Professor Kienzle rarely smiled and was hard to get along with, but to my surprise, he gladly accepted our invitation to a dinner in our dormitory kitchen. We talked and laughed during the dinner. It was a very unforgettably cheerful evening. From then on, I began liking him more and more.

I cannot appreciate Dr. Kienzle more for the IA graduate program, without which I would have never left China and come to Germany and later set foot in the United States. I can not thank him more for his insight and endeavors to open FH Esslingen to international students. We all owe him thousand thanks.

May your smile remain in memory of each student. May your encouragement and your stern eyes be upon each of us, urging us to achieve the best.

With love,

Yong Yuan
July 27, 2020
Denver, Colorado

A Message from Srinivas Chintaginjalu, MSc IA 2000-02

I was a student of second IA program and really loved Dr. Kienzle. He was really great teacher who shared his knowledge rather than teaching like a professor. He always encouraged us to question and this is what he said to us during his introduction "I know you all come from a different education system, you don't have to be intimidated, if you think I'm wrong, please raise your hand and say I'm wrong or or if question me, open our mind and do better", his words were very encouraging and motivating. His classes were very interactive and his MATLAB exercises were to push our limits and to give our best. I remember his stories about 3000+ km biking in Ladahk and his life experiences which shared during Christmas parties.

I always fondly talk about Dr. Kienzle with my wife and friends. He will always be remembered as a greater teacher and mentor.

Catriona, please convey my condolence to Dr. Kienzle's family. Miss you Prof. Eberhard Kienzle.

Srinivas Chintaginjalu (2000-2002)
Montreal, Canada

A Message from Khaled Elshabrawy, MSc IA 2001-03

I was a master student of IA 2001-2003. As an Egyptian coming to Germany for the first time, I must say that Dr. Kienzle represented for me a lot more than just a professor. He was incredibly engaged and had a great enthusiasm to make things simple to us. He was a real mentor and I would say also an ambassador to teach us a lot about German culture.

I will never forget my discussion with Dr. Kienzle on the graduation day, he asked me what is my plan for work, when I told him that I got a job at Daimler, he looked very happy and said "Khaled: Germany needs people like you". Even when the phrase looks simple but it left a big impact on me, somehow i felt welcomed, and here I am in 2020 still in Germany.

You will be always remembered Dr. Kienzle

A Message from Antonio Parodi, MSc IA 2001-03

I read with deep sorrow about the loss of Prof. Kienzle.

I had the great opportunity to know him in 2001, attend his impressive lessons and learn a lot from his assignments. I will always remember him both for his great knowledge as Professor and his marked human side as Man.

Please convey my condolences to Prof. Kienzle’s family and all his colleagues.

I will keep his memory in my heart.

Best Regards,

Antonio Parodi

Assago, Milan

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