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Friends of University

The Friends of University (VdF) is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide long-term support to Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. The VdF was founded in 1949 by alumni of the State Engineering School of Esslingen, the precursor of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences developed.

For further information visit Friends of University website.


University Awards

The top student of each programme who also has an average mark of over 1,5 is awarded "Class Best". Our award winners from programme inception are listed below.

  Bradley Shields from the USA MBA
  Burak Can Güvenir from Turkey ASM
  Vignesh Ravi from India DDM
  Sindhuja Sankaranarayanan MBA
  Chandra Sekar Venkataramani ASM
  Raghu Doss Mohan Doss DDM

Sabareeswaran Aruchamy from India

  Anapuma Govindan from India MBA
  Sadhananda Siddharth Sathyamurthy from India ASM
  Abilash Paliwal from India DDM


Fiona van Petegem from New Zealand MBA
  Vishnu Shankar from India ASM
  Yang Peng from China DDM


Ryan Salveson from the USA MBA
  Christian Wörz from Germany ASM
  Amaia Iradi from Spain DDM
2014 Dhanashri Malpani from India MBA
  Arunkumar Mathukumaran from India ASM
  Antul Bhattacharya from India DDM
2013 Raphael Sontheimer from Germany ASM
  Priscila Ureña Martínez from Mexico MBA
  Kah Ho Pau from Malaysia ASM
  Sebastian Schönfeldt from Germany DDM
  Tobias Schäuble from Germany DDM
2012 Mohamad Al Hamad from Jordan MBA
  Bing Xu from China ASM
  Linus Friedrich from Germany DDM
2011 Osulola Ogunbawole from Nigeria MBA
  Saber Souiai from Tunesia DDM
2010 Myriam Sarai Sánchez Juárez from Mexico MBA
  Micha Philipp Haussmann from Germany ASM
  Loic Pinel from France DDM
2009 Horst Weinert from South Africa MBA
  Victor Lemmel from France AE
  Carlos Augusto Forero Morales from Colombia IA
2008 Christian Schramm from Germany AE
  Phuong Tran-Dien Viet from Vietnam IA
2007 Daniel Branez from Bolivia MBA
  Valentine Herbeth from France AE
  Benoit Bazin from France IA
2006 Anja Schmidt from Germany MBA
  Alastair Gordon Anderson from the UK AE
  Ipek Sarak from Turkey IA
2005 Peer Breusing from Germany MBA
  Christophe Pierron from France AE
  Deepa Gopal from India IA
  Diego Santa from Columbia IA
2004 Maria Elisa Monroy from Columbia MBA
  Kajorn Thamsuriya from Thailand AE
  Daivak Shah from India IA
2003 Patrick Theis from Germany MBA
2002 Rongke Zhang from China MBA
2001 Francisco Indacochea from Peru MBA
2000 Solveig Wolf from the USA MBA
1999 Oliver Krülle from Germany MBA

Application period starts in November 2022

International Master

International Centre
Graduate School
Kanalstraße 33
73728 Esslingen

The Esslingen MBA