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Sustainable Production & Technology

After the completion of your first semester in the Esslingen MBA, students have a solid grounding in key foundational skills. Armed with this knowledge students will then make a key decision on the direction of their future buy selecting one of the three specialised majors.

Sustainable Production & Technology focuses on the vastly expanding field of sustainability in all forms of business.

As consumer and political expectations of corporate responsibility are on the rise, and any organisation caught being out of touch risks severe consequences, companies are recognising the need to act on sustainability.

Sustainability in business is an approach to creating long-term value by implementing careful consideration into how a given organisation operates in terms, not just of its profitability output, put also its ecological, social and environmental impact.

The Esslingen MBA’s Sustainable Production & Technology specialisation covers in four modules the broad management of sustainable technologies within an organisation.

Sustainable Technology Management centres on sustainable management concepts. Learn to thoroughly assess sustainable activities and understand the cross-interdependence of decisions and actions in the industrial context.

Sustainability Assessment will provide you the tools needed to perform a comprehensive sustainability assessment of any ecological, social and environmental impact.

In Sustainable Supply Chain Management, you will deepen the concept of sustainability in business and how it directly influences supply chain management.

Moreover, Business Simulation will take students through a meticulously designed business experience where they solve complex problems, adapt to a constantly changing environment, optimise various internal processes and show that they can drive results in this dynamic simulated environment.

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