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General Management

After the completion of your first semester in the Esslingen MBA, students have a solid grounding in key foundational skills. Armed with this knowledge students will then make a key decision on the direction of their future buy selecting one of the three specialised majors.

General Management is a classical approach to MBA with a focus in Industrial Management and modern entrepreneurial thinking.

The Esslingen MBA’s General Management specialisation  comprises four modules which will empower you to master key managerial skills used to handle the varied challenges faced by multinational companies to become a successful entrepreneur.

In Lean Management, you will learn about lean principles and how to apply them to various key areas in operations management.

Innovation & Technology Management will provide you with a comprehensive methodology on how to handle typical tasks and solve common issues when managing a business’ various technologies and innovation strategies.

Business Growth & Valuation outlines the specific aspects of how to scale up new business ideas and accurately value a company’s success.

Business Simulation will take students through a meticulously designed business experience where they solve complex problems, adapt to a constantly changing environment, optimise various internal processes and show that they can drive results in this dynamic simulated environment.

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