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Study Commission

The Study Commission consists of the Dean, the Academic Directors, three professors and 4 students. One Study Commission is responsible for the Graduate School's three programs. The Academic Director responsible for each specific case holds the chair. The Study Commission works on further developing the content, the teaching, as well as the evaluation of each program. Once each year, a teaching report is prepared by the Study Commission. Members of the Study Commission:


The student members of the Study Commission are appointed during the first meeting of the Faculty Council of each academic year:

Oscar Fernando Grisales Arredondo, MBA
Sebastian Avelino Gomez Sanchez, DDM
Luis Andres Corrales Erazo, ASM
Busra Yildiz, MBA


Stefan Wagner, Academic Director DDM and Head of the Study Commission
Michael Flad, Vice Dean and Academic Director MBA
Mathias Oberhauser, Academic Director ASM
Dominik Schoop, ASM
Siegfried Zürn, Dean of the Graduate School

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