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Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is the principal academic policy-making body within the Graduate School. The council consists of all Graduate School professors, all professors co-opted to the Graduate School, 6 students and 3 employees. The term of office for Graduate School students is one year.

There is usually one meeting per semester, unless situations arise necessitating more.

The election of the Faculty Council is carried out by the university. Three weeks before the election takes place, students submit their election proposal. Each master's program should be represented by at least one student.

The current members are:


Oscar Fernando Grisales Arredondo, MBA
Sebastian Avelino Gomez Sanchez, DDM
Varshitha Nallidi, DDM
Luis Andres Corrales Erazo, ASM
Nikitha Ramaiha Nagaraj, ASM
Busra Yildiz, MBA


Ute Brinkmann
Petra Gülck
Tu Dao Luong


Michael Flad
Steffen Greuling
Friedrich Gutfleisch
Helmut Kohlert
Catharina Kriegbaum-Kling
Karin Melzer
Mathias Oberhauser
Dominik Schoop
Stefan Wagner
Gerd Wittler
Siegfried Zürn

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