The Entrepreneurship student programme at CERN, by Kareem Hamza, MBA 2019

CESP is a great Entrepreneurship Student Programme at CERN. I have stayed 5 weeks at CERN that were full of learning and excitement. I have learnt a lot about CERN technologies and Entrepreneurship. It was very well organized and the time spent there was extremely fruitful. The main idea of the programme is to introduce a group of students from all over the world to CERN technologies and motivating them to look for business ideas based on these technologies. I also had a great international experience working with 13 students who had impressive knowledge and skills in Entrepreneurship. We also had many sessions from CERN experts, entrepreneurs, and trainers with different backgrounds.

The first week was mainly an introduction to CERN technologies with some session from Entrepreneurs who used CERN technologies in their successful startups. The second week we were forming the teams and selecting the technology and the business idea. The last three weeks we were working at the Idea Square with almost daily useful mentoring. My team worked on one of CERN technologies called C2MON that is used in controlling the different sensors at CERN. We could study the technology, brainstorm different business idea, pick and work on one of them.

CERN is a very interesting place to visit, and the idea square is the best co-working space I have ever seen. Finally, we had our pitch on the Demo day to a wide range of CERN experts, universities, entrepreneurs, and some media coverage as well. I highly recommend CESP to any student with a technical and business background and interest. It was an experience that comes once in a life, and motivated me a lot. The five weeks were also full of fun and we could explore the beautiful city of Geneva, the Alps, and other interesting places in the area.

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