DAAD Award

The DAAD Award is given to students with a high academic standing and strong social skills. It is only awarded to students from a foreign country. Our award winners from programme inception are listed below.

2017Charles Eduardo Correa Rodriguez from ColombiaMBA


Fiona van Petegem from New ZealandMBA

Nadejda Midorii from Moldova

2013Ganesh Swaminathan from IndiaMBA
2011Basti Anil Shenoy from IndiaASM
2008 Paulina Gärtner Jaramillo from Columbia MBA
2007 Teddy Trachsler from France IA
2004 Maxime Hetzel from France AE
2003 Ina Willers from the USA MBA
2002 Ernesto Llerena Engesser from Mexiko AE
2000 Solveig Wolf from the USA MBA

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