The following students were awarded a prize for their outstanding master's thesis


Vitul Bansal from India, ASM, Festo Prize 2020

It is a great honor to receive an Academic achievement award from FESTO. I want to thank all my professors at Hochschule Esslingen for the quality education and FESTO for recognizing my work. This award will boost my confidence to work even harder and help make this world a better place.



Andrew Lewis from the U.S.A., MBA, Festo Prize 2020

The requirement by Hochschule Esslingen to complete the Master’s Thesis in industry is the single most important aspect of the MBA degree program.  It gives you the ability to apply what you’ve learned, adapt past work experiences, assimilate into international and German work culture, and prove your capabilities to the workplace.



Juan Andres Guerrero Lyons from Colombia, MBA, Bosch Prize 2019

I'll always be grateful to the Graduate School for the opportunity of being part of a program which completion represents one of the most significant accomplishment in my professional life. Besides, receiving this prize is a tremendous honor which values an authentic and dedicated effort.

During this time, I engaged in a challenging academic experience in which I had the chance to meet extraordinary people, full of competences and motivation in a scenario which promoted not only high-quality knowledge exchange but the building of lifelong friendships.

I encourage those with the desire to boost their careers to join this program.


Amanda Lynn Stephens from the USA, MBA, Festo Prize 2019

I was initially very surprised when I learned that FESTO was presenting me this award. Not only was I so delighted to have my hard work recognized, but this has also encouraged me to continue putting forth my best effort in everything that I do.

I am so grateful to accept this award and would like to thank FESTO once again for this honor.



Qi Deng from China, MBA, Festo Prize 2018

"The MBA program is an unforgettable experience in my life. I enjoyed learning all the subjects in the program and thanks to the program I have several lifelong friends."

Sebastian Rayon Nixon Ravikumar from India, ASM, Festo Prize 2018

"I feel elated to have received this award for my thesis and academics. My heartfelt thanks to Hochschule Esslingen and Festo for recognizing my work. And to all I would say - Anything you do, do it with passion and if the person inside you says that you have achieved, there is no more recognition than that."

Jorge Mario Patino Taborda from Colombia, DDM, Festo Prize 2018

"I never thought that having the fortune to be part of DDM in Hochschule Esslingen would come with such a huge challenge, neither that overcoming it was going to be so unbelievably well paid. Winning the FESTO Prize made it clear for me: hard work always pays off!"

Madhavan Gopalan from India, ASM, Bosch Prize 2018

“I chose Hochschule Esslingen after 4 years of professional career to enhance my knowledge in the automotive field. The course was above my expectations in both practical and theoretical scenarios. But the international atmosphere in the course stood out for me. It has made me more mature and taught me to reinvent the work/study culture itself. The Bosch prize is an additional cherry on the top of wonderful days I spent in Esslingen.”


"This academic experience is a great advantage from the intercultural point of view and of course also in the professional career to get a better job in international areas. But beyond the certificates, technical knowledge and new soft skills obtained, this experience has taught me the wealth that exists in international teams with people coming from different countries and contexts, tolerance and the ability to learn from other perspectives are skills that I will use in my professional and personal life in the future."

The following awards are available for outstanding students:

Behr prize; Bosch prize; City of Esslingen award; Festo prize; Mbtech prize; VdE prize (Preis des Verbands der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik, Informationstechnik e.V)

Please see the full list of award winners.

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