The "Class Best" award is given to the top student of each programme who also has an average mark of over 1,5



"When I started on the journey for my master studies in Germany, I had more than just an offer. Looking back now I can say that it was definitely the right decision. The programme was a great challenge for me butin the end it has enrinched me both professionally and personally."


"I originally decided to study in Esslingen because the profile of ASM suited my interests and since I had worked in international projects, studying in English was no inconvenience. Even as a German student it was a truly international experience, which I can recommend. One aspect I enjoyed in particular, was the graduate school giving a lot of attention to the soft skill side of engineering."


''It has been an enjoyable journey. The exposure I got during my study in Hochschule Esslingen, has improved me both personally and professionally.''



Bradley Arthur Shields from South Africa, MBA Class Best 2019

After the HSE MBA program I was promoted to Engineering Manager in California, responsible for the West Coast of the USA. As expected from any high quality MBA program, I found myself well prepared for the top down discussions with senior management regarding topics like finance and the vision for the USA business. Another major benefit of the MBA in International Industrial Management was also studying a bottom up approach, which has helped bridge the gap from production up to engineering and then being able to articulate efficiency improvements to management in the terminology they expect.



"Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to become a vehicle engineer, and HS Esslingen was the only place where I applied and was successfully accepted. Challenging tasks demanded a deep involvement with the subject matter, and so I acquired not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. The time in Graduate School, even though it was quite short, gave me an amazing opportunity to study together with people from all over the world. It improved me as a professional and I am proud to be an alumnus of HS Esslingen. I am especially grateful to the FESTO company, not only for the FESTO prize, but also for meeting my wife!"



"Esslingen would always remain one of my favorite cities in the world for the unforgettable times that it gave me inside the dormitory and campuses of Hochschule Esslingen. It not just gave me a great amount of exposure to lots of people around the world but also brought out the best of me professionally and made me a better person on the whole. 

Studying here is an experience on its own and I am glad that I had that."


Sindhuja Sankaranarayanan from India, MBA Class Best 2018

"Esslingen MBA is not just a study course but a power-packed experience which gave me lots of insights on how management works in the real world. Wonderful memories with awesome people from around the globe have moulded me both professionally and personally and prepared me for any upcoming challenges in life."



Chandra Sekar Venkataramani, ASM Class Best 2018

"A giant leap for me, a small step for mankind. This experience of a lifetime has offered me international friends & well-wishers and has made me a better human being. The learnings from the course make me feel confident and ready to contribute to the future of mobility."

Raghu Doss Mohan Doss, DDM Class Best 2018

"Hochschule Esslingen has always felt like a second home from day one. The course has imparted a lofty learning curve in me. The Best Graduate Award that I received was like a 'cherry on top': it surprised and honoured me. I thank the Graduate School to have given me this opportunity to grow as a person as well."



Anupama Govindan from India, MBA Class Best 2017


"The award as the Best Graduate will always remind me of the encouragement given my family, the fellow mates and the professors."

Sadhananda Siddharth Sathyamurthy from India, ASM Class Best 2017

"I am extremely glad that I got the opportunity to study at Hochschule Esslingen. The course was very interesting and the overall experience was really good. And to be awarded the best ASM student made this experience all the more special and memorable."

Abilash Paliwal from India, DDM Class Best 2017

"I am delighted to receive the Best Student Prize for M.Eng. in Design and Development in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering. There are many factors that brought me to Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, among them, the opportunity to study an international course in the heart of Mechanical Engineering. More often it's the journey which teaches a lot about the destination. Over the past 18 months, I have had the opportunity to work with individuals from all over the world, made a lot of friends and studied some challenging subjects. Overall, it was an extraordinarily diverse and multicultural experience."


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