Family-friendly University

It is university policy that students and staff should be able to opt for a career and a family. To this end, Esslingen University provides family-friendly studying and working conditions


The Graduate School greatly admires Esslingen University's committment to helping its staff and students fulfill their life goals while working and studying. This policy has led to the newest member of the Graduate School Team, young Molly, who is now in the office on Tuesdays with her owner, Catriona Fekete-Nester.

Molly is a Labrador-Irish Setter cross, a very family-friendly dog who is growing up closely with other dogs and children. When she is older, she may be trained as a therapy dog for differently gifted children and the elderly, but in the meantime she is simply enjoying puppyhood.

The Graduate School staff and students are enjoying having her around and are beginning to see her as a Team mascot :)

Full information on the university's family-friendly policy.

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