Want to learn a new language? Then talk2me!

MBA students help develop the university’s new language app, talk2me

With the talk2me app, the MBA Class of 2017 had a challenging and fun project to work on; one that is, moreover, up and running in the university today. The talk2me app supplements the university language courses and also gives students the chance to get to know people from different cultural backgrounds.

Developing a language app was a challenge that our international students are ideally suited to solve! On the basis of the input from project initiators, our MBA students partook in a structured brainstorming session where they created a business model of the presentation, the features etc of the speech tandem app in small groups. Their solutions were then implemented into the talk2me app.

How does the Esslingen talk2me language tandem work?

The basic idea is to learn and improve languages together in a language partnership.

Using the web app, you search for your new language tandem partner. You can chat with your perfect "match", make phone calls or meet your partner in person. Usually, you will spend some time talking in "Language X" and afterwards some time in "Language Y": a win-win situation!

Especially for our international students or for our German students planning to go abroad, talk2me is the perfect platform to get talking in a foreign language and find out about the country.

Take this chance of learning languages together!

Register now on: https://talk2me.hs-esslingen.de/

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