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Methods and Tools

Goal: Deepen knowledge and understanding of global operations management.

Organisational Behaviour

Goal: Enable students to relate in an environment of diversity within a company.

Marketing and Strategy

Goal: Give students a knowledge of the principles of economics, industrial marketing, and corporate strategy.


Goal: Impart knowledge, skills and experience that will qualify students to understand the fundamental principles of finance.

Information Technology

Goal: Provide students with a broad overview of information and communication technology (ICT) and its role in the modern enterprise.

Operations Management

Goal: Enable students to understand the importance of operations in business.

Business Planning

Goal: Bring together and apply the knowledge acquired in other modules.

International Management

Goal: Impart knowledge of the international dimensions of management.

Corporate Project

Goal: To show that the student can apply the knowledge and skills learned during the MBA programme on a real problem of a company in the industry using methodical academic skills.

Master's Thesis

This module is the last module of the programme. The student should be able to analyse complex problems in business situations and develop feasible solutions. The usage of appropriate scientific methods and tools must be demonstrated. 

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