Company Visits: A Highlight of The Esslingen MBA

During the MBA programme, our students are given the opportunity to

  • visit successful German companies
  • talk to company managers
  • make contact with company leaders

One of the highlights of our MBA programme is the course "Industrial Solutions," in which students visit several companies from different branches of the industry and learn about their markets, products and business strategies.
During this course, students gain insights into the companies and learn the specific factors of success in the industry. At the end of the course, each student writes a report on one of the companies, viewing its current situation in the market, its history, products, services and production, marketing and sales, giving a clear SWOT analysis of its running and suggesting solutions.
In so doing, students learn more about the roles of companies in different industries and are able to view them in a global perspective. By visiting different companies and doing sound research, students gain experience in reporting on a company at a business executive level.

Company Visit ProgramME 2017-2018

FestoEngineeringScharnhausen facility
AUDI, NeckarsulmAutomotiveNeckarsulm
Startup SafariStuttgart
Festo Didactic AcademyEngineeringBerkheim

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