Corporate Project: Working in a German Company

One of the key features of the Esslingen MBA is our dedication to producing business graduates who are marketable. Learning for learning's sake alone is not a characteristic that is prized by the industry.

An integral part of the Esslingen MBA is therefore a three-month corporate project in the industrial or service sectors. At the end of their project, students write a detailed, professional report that usually forms part of their final thesis. The corporate project is an extremely important academic feature of the program and, together with the master's thesis, forms the student's internship.

Students apply for a corporate project on their own initiative and are supported in their applications by the Graduate School. The Esslingen UAS is surrounded by well-known companies, many of them global players such as Behr, Bosch, Daimler, Festo, HewlettPackard, IBM, Kärcher, Modine, Porsche and Siemens: a great benefit for our university and for our students. The Esslingen Graduate School enjoys a long tradition of cooperation with the local industry.

During their project time, students are able to put their newly learned theory into practice, and develop contacts for future employment opportunities either in Germany or in the world marketplace.

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