Guest Lecturers from the Industry

The Esslingen MBA enriches its programme with guest lecturers from the industry who are experts in their field.This ensures that state-of-the-art knowledge is constantly channelled into the programme and students are given unique insights into industrial processes and decision-making.

Our students greatly appreciate these lectures: below are a few reports they have written on their experience.

MBA Guest Speaker Marco Liesegang - Student Report

On 9 January 2018, Ernst & Young's Marco Liesegang lectured the MBA class on Industry 4.0 / IoT.

Student report

"The MBA class of 2017-2019 was honored to receive a lecture from Mr. Marco Liesegang from Ernst&Young (abbreviated EY). The EY Senior Manager for Business Advisory Division (I4.0/IoT lead) initially described the evolution of industry: from the steam age to the digitalization of things.

"He seamlessly approach the trend forward to the current modern age.

"Furthermore provide challenges faced by current global companies in developing digitalized process to efficiently manage process cost and bring about more profit to companies in various sectors. Interestingly he would not mind to describe some suggested solutions to current business challenges faced by many i.e. share of knowledge, develop cloud database, networking of different skills and businesses. Finally he concluded about the enormous opportunities laid ahead for students in their future if they choose to be in the Consulting & IT careers."

Author: Rudolf Panjaitan, MBA Class of 2019

Quality Management given by Dr. Behnke from BMW - Student Report

On 19 December 2018, Dr. Michael Behnke from BMW lectured in the Esslingen MBA course on Quality Management.

Student report

"MBA students were honored to acknowledge corporate-expert Dr. Michael Behnke presenting quality management values from BMW, marked by enthusiasm in vast array of technical questions addressed during and after the lecture.

"Dr. Behnke began with a focus on management strategies: costs, quality, emission, weight, function and timeline and directed it further to development stages from "idea to offer" to "delivery to customer" systematically. He generously granted the audience with real-life examples of "reactive vs preventive actions" which leads to curiosity and creative-thinking questions. Nevertheless he was fully aware and professionally handled sensitive information in a fair, concise yet clear manner.

"We were honored to have Dr. Behnke in our class."

Author: Rudolf Panjaitan, MBA Class of 2019

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