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Application FAQs

Applying to more than one program

Q - Can I apply to more than one graduate program?

A - We prefer it if our applicants have a clear goal in view when they choose a master's program, but should it happen that applicants are qualified for and interested in more than one of our programs, then they may apply to more than one program. 

Q - Do I have to send in a complete application for each program?

A - No, applicants fill out one online application only, and show that they would like to apply for more than one application by prioritising clearly on the entrance page of the online application. Please note that the "priority 1" application will be given clear preferential treatment. 

Q - Do I have to send in an application package for each program?

A - Applicants send in only the application package for their priority 1 application.

Required documents


Q - Do MBA applicants have to take the GMAT or GRE test?

(Note that due to the Corona Crisis these tests can now be taken online.)

A - Yes. In order to be considered for acceptance to the MBA program, all students, regardless of their country of origin or their education and work background, must take the GMAT or GRE test. This serves as one of our main criteria of ranking students from different countries and different educational and marking systems. Please see for test sites. Our GMAT code: TJ2-P4-65.

Our GRE code: 7004.

Q - If I take the GMAT or GRE twice, which score is considered?

A - We consider the higher score.

Transcripts and diplomas

Q - Can I email scanned copies of my transcripts and diplomas?

A - No, we require transcripts and diplomas to be originals or certified copies.

Q - Where can I get my photocopies certified?

A - In most countries, you can get photocopies certified at your local town hall, or equivalent official institution. Most universities, your German consulate or a notary public will also certify copies.

Q - Do you accept transcripts and diplomas in foreign languages?

A - We accept transcripts and diplomas in English and German. Documents in any other languages would need to be translated by certified translators.

Q - What are "credit points"?

A - Credit points are a way of calculating the weighting of a course that you take. Courses with more hours per week are worth more credits points than courses with fewer hours per week. Credit points can be calculated as follows: 14 course hours = 1 credit point. Credit points for each course should be listed on your bachelor's transcript, next to percentage or mark. Sometimes, credit points are simply called "credits".

German and English language requirements

German language knowledge

Q - Do I need to be able to speak German in order to apply?

A - Please read this information on our German language requirements. You may of course apply, but please be aware that a basic knowledge of the German language, equivalent to CEFr Level A1 is a prerequisite for our programs and that the demonstration of this knowledge is definitely positive during the application process.

English language knowledge / TOEFL test

Q - Do I need to take the TOEFL test?

A - If your mother tongue is English OR you have completed your bachelor's degree entirely in English, you do NOT need the TOEFL test.
If neither of these applies, then you do need to take either the TOEFL or an equivalent English language test. This is necessary to ensure that students will be able to follow our courses successfully. Please see our requirements for full details on which tests we accept.

Q - Where can I take the TOEFL test?

A- On the internet site you will find listings of test centres in your country. Please note that our university code is 1680.

Q - Can I send a photocopy of my language test?

A - No, we require the original test result.

Q - Can I take the TOEFL test after the application deadline?

A - No, you should have taken the test at the very latest by the application deadline, and inform us of your score as soon as possible. The earlier we have all your data, the earlier we can evaluate your application.

Application attachments

During the application period, the application attachments can be downloaded from the programme sites, under "How to Apply".

Q - Which application forms should I use?

A - We need our applicants to fill out the Esslingen Graduate School application attachment forms that they find on our website, as well as our online application. Any other application forms (from the DAAD or any agencies in your home country) have different, less particular questions on them and are not acceptable.

Attachment 1A&B: Recommendation Form

Q - Does the Letter of Recommendation have to be on the Esslingen form?

A - Yes, the Letter or Recommendation has to be on the Esslingen form.

Q - Is it ok if both of my references are from professors?

A - Yes, this is acceptable if you have no other choice.

Q - What does "recommended without reservation" mean?

A - It means recommended wholeheartedly, absolutely. The recommender is completely sure that you are very well suited.

Q - What does "recommended with reservation" mean?

A - It means generally recommended but the recommender is not sure that you are very well suited.

Q - My professor does not have a business card and stamp. Is it mandatory to submit the card or is there any other option?

A - If your professor does not have a business card and stamp, then you must send the recommendation form without. However, please provide us in this case with a university web address showing the position of this professor, as well as an email address and a phone number, as your recommendation will then need to be verified.

Q - Can I send a photocopy of the Letter of Recommendation?

A - No, we require an email from your reccommender clearly stating your application id in the subject line.

Attachment 2: Transcript Evaluation Form

Q - What is the Transcript Evaluation Form?

A - The Transcript Evaluation Form is a part of our application attachments. You need to have it filled out by the registrar of the university from which you graduated. This enables us to compare your transcript more easily with those of other applicants to our programs.

Q - The registrar of our university refused to sign the Transcript Evaluation Form. What should I do?

A - If you do not have this form filled out, it is far more difficult for us to evaluate your standing. However, if it is unavoidable, please note this on page 1 of the data report that you print out at the end of your online application.

Attachment 3: Essays / Letter of Motivation

Q - Is it mandatory for the Letter of Motivation to be typed on the form provided? Can it be more than one page? Is there any restriction as to length?

A - Yes, it is mandatory for the Letter of Motivation to be typed on the form provided in the Application Attachments. It cannot be longer than the allowed length, which is restricted to 2000 hits. Please note that originality is the most important factor of the letter of motivation.

Attachment 4: Curriculum Vitae

Q - Does my curriculum vitae have to be on the Esslingen Application Attachments form?

A - Yes, your Curriculum Vitae has to be on the Application Attachment form.

Further qualifications

Q - Will I have a higher chance of admission if I have worked with a renowned company ?

A - There are a number of criteria for admission to our programs, but although working with a renowned company is definitely impressive, it is not one of our criteria.

Q - Will I have a higher chance of admission if I have won several awards for engineering projects?

A - There are a number of criteria for admission, but although having won awards is definitely impressive, it is not one of our criteria.

Program ID number

Q - I have forgotten to include Program ID number with my application. Is this a problem?

A - Yes, it is a problem,  Your ID-Number is a necessary assistance in identifying documentation and needs tobe included in both the email subject line and within the file names of your PDF's. Should you nonetheless forget to do this, please inform us of this as soon as possible.

Feedback from our admissions committee

Q - Will I receive a confirmation that you have received the application?

A - Yes, we do send out notifications of receipt. However, due to the very high number of applications received every year, notifying each applicant is a lengthy process. Applications are processed, and feedback is given, as quickly as possible.

Q - When will I hear about my status?

A - Because we have a very high number of applicants for our programs, we cannot give you regular status updates. After the confirmation that your application has arrived, you will not hear from us until 8 weeks after the application deadline.

Deferral of acceptance or re-application

A student's acceptance to a program can not be deferred to another year.

Any student wishing to re-apply to a program must submit a complete new application.

Fees for the master's programmes

A - To date there are no application fees.

Q - How high are the study fees?

A - The study fees for the MBA and M.Eng. programmes are 1,500 € per semester, which makes 4,500 € for the three semesters.

Please see our "Expenses and Fees" section for all incurring fees.

Online application

Q - What can I do if I have filled out something wrong in the online application and cannot correct it?

A - Please print out the data report and make your changes, easily visible, by hand.

When to apply?


ASM/DDM: 2 November - 31 March

MBA: 2 November - 31 May

Admissions: 6 weeks after the application deadline.

Please send in data report and letter of motivation via email in step 1

APPLY FOR winter semester 2022/23!

MBA applications open on 15 October

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