German Language Requirements

German is a compulsory part of the Esslingen master's programs. Students do not receive credits for German but they have to demonstrate German language skills of at least Level A2 for admission to the third term (master's thesis). This is a study requirement: students who do not have these skills by the end of the second semester may be expelled from their graduate program.

To meet this requirement, it is therefore necessary to have already completed Level A1/Goethe II before arrival in September. The Graduate School offers German courses from level A2-B2 but not beginners' courses.

Speaking German is very important for students not only to manage everyday life, but also to apply for a placement in industry in the third semester. Most companies require fluent or at least intermediate knowledge in German: finding a position in Germany after graduation is nearly impossible without a good command of the language.

Applicants who include a certificate demonstrating at least level A1 German may be given preferential treatment.

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