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The Esslingen MBA

About the MBA

The Esslingen MBA: More than a Typical MBA Programme

  • Designed for STEM graduates with management ambitions
  • Located in one of Europe's most innovative and advanced industrial regions, a one-of-a-kind business cluster
  • Strong links to global players, hidden champions and family companies
  • Lifts students out of the classroom into real-life situations in the industry
  • Specialisation in an industrial management field in the second semester and the mandatory corporate project and master’s thesis in the industry
  • High professor-student ratio: an optimal learning environment
  • Internationally ranked among the top European MBA programmes in industrial management
  • Active international almuni network stretching all over the globe


Esslingen University is one of the leading universities in Germany for applied sciences, with core areas in engineering and management as well as applied research. These strengths form the Esslingen MBA, which focuses on the functional areas of business in the manufacturing sector and the encompassing services. The Esslingen MBA has these fields of specialisation:

General Management – Master key managerial skills used to handle the varied challenges faced by multinational companies as well as learn the tools to become a successful entrepreneur.

Sustainable Production & Technology – Centred around sustainable management concepts. Learn to thoroughly assess sustainable activities and gainthe tools and methods used to establish a sustainable supply chains.

Digital Transformation - Examine the impact of integrated technology and smart manufacturing on company structures and procedures. Learn how to manage digitalisation strategies in correlation with company goals.

The Esslingen MBA is forming a new league of business managers.


Today’s business managers need a whole new range of skills to lead an enterprise in the global marketplace. They need to combine a strong industrial knowledge  with a passion for management; to build bridges between countries and cultures. The Esslingen MBA is dedicated to educating highly skilled business professionals, and prepares them for a management career in an international environment.
As an Esslingen MBA graduate, you will work at the interface between technology and management, or  in a management position requiring goal-oriented  problem-solving.
Esslingen MBA graduates are particularly sought after by German companies in the field of automotive and mechanical engineering, as well as consulting.

Networking is essential for success in today's global business world. Over 90% of Esslingen MBA students are international, with representatives from approximately 12 different nations each year: the resulting intercultural network is a particular highlight of the Esslingen MBA.

Our Programmes: Students' #1 Choice!

How happy are students with their university? The online portal StudyPortals decided to find out. In its world-wide competition asking students from 150 German universities how satisfied they were, we are very proud to announce that, out of these 150 German universities, Esslingen came in 10th place, flanked by top international universities of great renown.

In the education supplement to the German publication "manager magazine" 2018/1, there is an article featuring Esslingen MBA alumni. Have a look and find out how our alumni feel about their programme!


The Esslingen master's programmes were among the first to be accredited in Germany, and are regularly reaccredited by the ASIIN. The ASIIN is responsible for examining and certifying STEM university programmes, as well as interdisciplinary programmes containing STEM subjects. As an industrially-oriented master's programme for STEM graduates, The Esslingen MBA has worked closely with the ASIIN to help ensure its continual development of high quality and international recognition.

The Esslingen MBA was last accredited in 2012, and will be reaccredited in 2021.

How to Apply 2020/21



If you have questions about the application process, please see our application FAQs



Step 1: Completely Fill Out the Online Application

Click ‘APPLY NOW’ at the bottom of the page to commence the online application.

Each page of the online application form MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED OUT. When the online application is complete, please lock your data report and save it as a pdf.

Step 2: Create one pdf document out of your

  • Application Attachment 3A and 3B: 2 essays, and
  • The data report from the online application (see Step 1).

Step 3: Email that pdf file to

The subject of your email should be ONLY your programme ID number (GS…….),  (see online application).

Your email must contain the line "In sending this email, I personally confirm that all the information in the attached files is correct. I understand that if I have included any false information in my application, I render myself ineligible for the Graduate School programmes."

Your email must be received in time for the pre-application process to be completed and to give you time, if applicable, to send in all further application documentation in Level 2 of the application process before 31 May 2021.

Please be aware that we cannot accept applications mailed to a different email address.

Step 4: Request that your recommenders email us the recommendation forms (Application Attachments 1A and 1B)

These should be emailed, with your programme ID in the subject line (GS……._Rec), to

Important checklist:

  1. The subject of your email is ONLY your programme ID (GS…….).
  2. The pdf attachment is not larger than 1 MB.
  3. You have emailed your pre-application in time and included the sentence "In sending this email, I personally confirm that all the information in the attached files is correct. I understand that if I have included any false information in my application, I render myself ineligible for the Graduate School programmes."
  4. You have informed your recommenders to write the correct programme ID (GS……._Rec) in the email subject line when they send your recommendations.

If the above points are not fulfilled, we can not consider your application for admission.

When they have been received, your documents will undergo a primary review by the Admissions Committee. You will then be informed if you will take part in the next level of admissions, and how to proceed with your application.



(In exceptional cases, if your graduation takes place later than 31 May, it may be possible to bring a certified copy of the transcript and diploma certificate upon arrival in September.)

If you are asked to take part in Level 2 of the application process, you will need to send A DIGITAL COPY of following documents:

NOTE: All of these documents must be physically presented to the Esslingen Graduate School IN PERSON upon your arrival at the University. If ANY OF THESE DOCUMENTS are not accounted for and presented IN PERSON upon arrival, you will risk not being enrolled and will not be able to participate in any studies.

  • Official transcripts from each college or university attended (certified copies)

    Transcripts must show all courses taken in each semester of your undergraduate (bachelor or equivalent) degree. We also require your graduation diploma or certificate. The transcript evaluation form has to be filled out by your university or college registrar and must be included in your application.
    We prefer applicants with an undergraduate degree in the field of engineering, mathematics or natural sciences.
  • Graduation diploma from each college or university attended (certified copies)

  • Proof of at least 2 years' work experience

    Our applicants must certify to a minimum of two years' work experience after their undergraduate degree.
  • GMAT or GRE test scores (GMAT; GRE

    Either the GMAT or the GRE test is mandatory for admission to the MBA programme. Please see for GMAT test sites: our GMAT code is TJ2-P4-65. Please see for GRE test sites: our GRE code is 7004. Test results are sent to us by the test site approximately three weeks after the test has been taken. Please make sure that the test results arrive before the application deadline, 31 May.
    UPDATE DURING THE CORONA CRISIS: Please see GRE AT HOME and GMAT AT HOME to see if you can take these tests on line.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (not necessary for Indian applicants)

    We require one of the following tests:
    -International TOEFL score of at least 550 paper-based, 215 computer-based, 80 internet-based (our code: 1680). 
     UPDATE DURING THE CORONA CRISIS: Please see TOEFL AT HOME to see if you can take this test on line.
    -An academic IELTS score of at least 6.5.
     UPDATE DURING THE CORONA CRISIS: Please see IELTS INDICATOR TEST AT HOME to see if you can take this test on line.
    -Unicert II
    -Cambridge Certificate (CAE or CPE)
    We do not accept the institutional TOEFL.
    Native English speakers and applicants who have completed their undergraduate degree in English (certification from university) are exempt from the English language test.
  • Original APS for all applicants whose first degree is from PR China, Vietnam or Mongolia (

    All applicants whose first degree was completed in the PR China, Vietnam or Mongolia must include the original APS certificate (Academic Examination Service). As it can take up to three months to receive the APS certificate, applicants are encouraged to apply in good time to allow both their application and their APS certificate to reach the Graduate School.
    Applications from the PR China, Vietnam and Mongolia that have not submitted the APS certificate before the application deadline of 31 May cannot be considered for our programmes.

Applicants must also include the remaining forms from the Application Attachments with their Level 2 application:

  • Transcript Evaluation Form

This form assists us in evaluating applicants from different countries and academic systems. Applicants should have this form filled out by the registrar of their university or college.

  • Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae, or résumée, must be filled out on our form. It must include all necessary personal data, including computer knowledge, language and soft skills.


Please fill out your programme ID, as well as all attachments except the Recommendation Forms and the Transcript Evaluation Form on line.

When you have typed in your data, please pdf the form and have the Recommendation Forms and the Transcript Evaluation Forms filled in as instructed.

Add Supporting Documents

  • Documents proving basic knowledge of the German language, at Level A1 (CEFR) or higher

  • Any other documents that would allow us to evaluate you more fully

Working with the Industry

Student Ambassadors

The Esslingen Student Ambassadors 2019/20

Our Student Ambassadors are master's students who would like to tell you what living in Esslingen is like! Just click on a photo to email our SAs your questions.
We are sure you will understand that if you send the same email to more than one SA = email deleted!!! And that SAs cannot give any information on admission requirements or Status.

MBA Talent Management Programme

Your current employer can help fund your studies in the Esslingen MBA!

Students in the MBA Talent Management Programme are financed by their company throughout their studies. They complete the master's thesis in their company and after graduation, they return and step up to positions of higher responsibility.

With the MBA Talent Management Programme, everyone wins! If your company has not yet experienced this cooperation, and you are interested in moving to a management position in your company, talk to your Personnel Manager about the MBA Talent Management Programme.  

Information for your company

If you need further information, please contact

Testimonial from Dr. Wilfried Stoll

Dr. Stoll is the managing partner of Festo AG & Co. KG. He is also a founding member of the lndustrial Advisory Board of the Graduate School

"In most cases, Festo scholarship holders have returned to their home country and have taken on top positions there.

"The global networks, the English language, getting to know more than just the university, and the integration in a German company is a decided advantage for later networking.

"The cooperation with the Graduate School and the MBA was the right decision for us."

(translated from the German) 

Applicant contact form

Please send me info on the Esslingen MBA
Your personal details are provided voluntarily; however, in order to process your request, we need at least your name and e-mail address. Furthermore, we need your country in order to be able to tailor our response individually. Mandatory boxes are marked with an asterisk (*). All optional information will allow us to advise you on an individual and personalized basis. All information provided will be kept confidential. Passing on of your data and information to third parties is excluded.

APPLY FOR winter semester 2022/23!

MBA applications open on 15 October

More information
Tu Dao Luong
Dipl.-Betriebsw. (FH) Tu Dao Luong

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.
Tuesday, Thursday: 1 to 3 p.m.