MBA Expenses and Fees

totalper semester
Study Fees3,600 €1,200 € per semester
Enrolment Fee540 €180 € per semester
Public Transport600 €200 € per semester
totalper month
Rent5,400 €300 €
Health Insurance1,620 €90 €
Miscellaneous7,200 €400 €
totalsingle payment
Social Events Prepayment50 €
Excursions140 €
Total expenditures for the entire program19,140 €13,000 € for one year

Information about Blocked Bank Accounts (Sperrkonto)

On order to get a visa, some applicants are required by their visa authorities to open a so-called "Sperrkonto" (blocked account) with a German bank. There must be approximately 8,640 € in this account for a visa to be issued.

When you arrive in Germany, you will only be able to withdraw approximately 720 € per month from this account.

This means that when you have to withdraw a larger amount; for instance when your study fees are due to be paid in January and July, the bank will not allow this.

This means that your account must have a balance of at least 11,640 € at the beginning of your studies.

Apply for winter semester 2021/22!

MBA applications open 02 November – 31 May
M.Eng. applications open 02 November – 31 March