Preparation for your master's thesis

The master's thesis is a compulsory part of the M.Eng. program. Our M.Eng. students are responsible for finding their own thesis placements among the wide range of different corporations and industry near by.

Master's thesis

Students usually complete their final thesis under the supervision of a professor and a company manager.

The aim of the thesis work is to further develop students' skills in independently setting up a paper and executing empirical research, and in drawing conclusions from this with regard to knowledge development and strategic policy.

At the end of the program, students prepare a presentation for their thesis defence. The goal of the thesis seminar is to bring together the individual disciplines covered throughout the M.Eng. program.

M.Eng. thesis statistics

To date, our M.Eng. students have written their master's theses at 121 different companies. Among our top companies for master's theses are:


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