Visit to Dr. Ehlers

Last weekend we took a company outing into the deepest reaches of the Black Forest, visiting Dr. Ehlers and his wife

Many of you will remember Dr. Ehlers as the Graduate School Vice Dean and Programme Director of the MBA. He is now retired but living the life of the Gods in the country with his wife, Frau Bader.

We had a lovely day, eating loads of fabulous food and enjoying the countryside, as always in very good company.

Looking forward to the next visit!

Alumnus Sharbel Nasr visits the GS

We were happy to see Sharbel Nasr, MBA 2010, last Monday when he visited the GS with his sister

It's always nice to see our alumni when they visit, and we were very pleased when Sharbel and his sister dropped in last week. It was particularly nice to hear Sharbel say that visiting us was like coming home.

Our students are only with us for 18 months, but their time here is very intense and forms part of a life-changing experience. This is clear when they visit - especially so when they drive down from Hamburg to Esslingen to show their family where they studied.

Nice to see you, Sharbel! Come again!

Surprise visit from Dr. Ehlers

On 9 July, out of the blue, Dr. Ehlers suddenly appeared in the Graduate School Office for a flying visit.

Dr. Ehlers has been retired for the past 3 years, and his current lifestyle is obviously agreeing with him! It was lovely to see him in the Graduate School again! He sends greetings to all his old students and is always pleased to hear from them.

25.04.18: 4th Graduate Colloquium in the Esslingen Graduate School

You are all welcome to attend the 4th Graduate Colloquium in the GS on 25 April 2018 at 4 p.m.

The Graduate Colloquium is organised to give Esslingen doctoral students the opportunity to present and discuss their work, as well as to give new impulses to all students and alumni.

This year, we are particularly pleased to have gained Dr. Anouschka Strang as our Keynote Speaker. Dr. Strang is the founder and owner of the company Promotion & Erfolg, which specialises in advising and supporting doctoral candidates in their work. She will discuss the following topics:

- Was unterscheidet Dissertationen von anderen längeren wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten?
- Projektmanagement allgemein
- Zeit- und Projektmanagement für Promovierende
- Meilensteine einer Promotion (Grobplanung)
- handhabbare Arbeitspakete (Feinplanung)
- Relevanzfaktoren für eine erfolgreiche Zeit- und Aufgabenplanung (v.a.: Themenabgrenzung und Selbstmanagement)

Please have a look at the full programme.

Interested? You can register now at .

We are looking forward to a dynamic evening: see you there!

Automotive Engineering Graduate's Dream Job

For many, simply seeing a Pagani Huayra is a dream. Jorge Alberto Jáuregui from Argentina gets paid to test drive them!

Jorge graduated from the Esslingen Graduate School Master's in Automotive Engineering (AE) in 2006. The AE programme was a precusor to both of our current MEng programmes, the MEng in Automotive Systems and the MEng in Design and Development for Automotive and Mechanical Engineering.

Jorge completed his master's thesis at Porsche, and then moved straight into a job at Bosch, working on the ESP and TCS controls for super-sports cars. He is still working for Bosch as an Application Engineer in Vehicle Dynamics.

We are very pleased to have Jorge teaching in our MEng in Automotive Systems programme each year. Jorge is an ideal lecturer in the module "Handling," passing on his expertise in the field of ESP. It is great for the students to be able to have a hands-on look at the newest super-sports cars: in the last three years, Jorge brought a Ferrari to the university to demonstrate his lecture.

Jorge's test drive of the Pagani Huayra was written up in the Argentinian Autoblog:…/el-senor-esp-de-bosch-es-un-arge…/ Even for non-Spanish speakers, it is worth while having a look, as there are gorgeous photos of this exotic car in action, and the video linked below is also featured on this site.

In this blog, Jorge, who is called "an engineer and a master of the greatest work in the world" describes his studies here in the Graduate School: "In the one and a half years in Esslingen, I learned a lot about theory and practice of German car development, as lots of the professors are engineers from Daimler, Bosch, Porsche and BMW."

In the video of his ESP testing, Jorge is test driving a Pagani Huayra. If you don't know what that is, it's a super-sports car made in Italy - super in price too, with a base price of €850,000. Have a look!

MBA Class of 2016 Get-Together

In February, our MBA Class of 2014-206 celebrated their 2-year anniversary of graduating from the Esslingen MBA.

On 24th February, MBA classmates from the 2014-2016 batch met in Stuttgart for a 2-year anniversary of graduation from Hochschule Esslingen. It was a great pleasure to share the latest professional and personal news and to revive the good times we all had at the University of Esslingen.



Author: Sergo Dreving, MBA Class of 2016


Alumnus visit with Dr. Flad

In 2014, Ryan Salveson completed his MBA in International Industrial Management in Esslingen. He is now an Application Developer at AMCM GmbH in Starnberg. Ryan visited us on 8 November and gave us an update on his new job.

But why report when you can have someone write it for you? I'll let Ryan take over the keyboard for a minute:

"The Esslingen MBA was an excellent programme that gave me hands-on experience of the theory you taught me. It let me practise what I learned and take this knowledge with me into my job. 

"During my MBA, I started to concentrate on additive production, and since I graduated I have been working in this really quickly-developing branch. The MBA built on my technical experience and gave me the tools and knowledge I needed to judge the effect of additive production not only from the technical side but also from a business perspective. Hardly a day goes by when I do not use the tools and the knowledge I got in the MBA programme."

- Ryan Salveson, MBA Class of 2014

Im Jahr 2014 machte Ryan Salveson seinen Master im Studiengang International Industrial Management an der Hochschule Esslingen. Mittlerweile ist er als Application Developer bei der Firma AMCM GmbH in Starnberg tätig. Der ehemalige MBA-Student hat uns am 8. November besucht und von seinem persönlichen Erfahrung mit dem Studium und dem neuen Job erzählt.

"Der MBA an der Hochschule Esslingen war ein exzellentes Programm, welches das theoretische Wissen praxisnah vermittelt, und es den Studenten so ermöglicht das Erlernte direkt ins Berufsleben zu übertragen. Bereits während meinem MBA habe ich angefangen mich im Bereich additive Fertigung zu vertiefen, und seit dem Abschluss meines MBAs arbeite ich in dieser sich schnell entwickelnden Branche. Aufbauend auf meine technische Erfahrung gab mir der MBA die Werkzeuge und das Hintergrundwissen, um den Effekt der additiven Fertigung nicht nur von der technischen Seite her, sondern aus der Business Perspektive beurteilen zu können.  Es vergeht kaum ein Tag an dem ich die Tools und das Wissen aus dem MBA nicht anwende."

- Ryan Salveson, MBA Class of 2014

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