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Information for Outgoings

general informations

If you are looking for general information on spending a semester abroad, you will find it on the pages of the International Office.

There you will learn how to prepare yourself, when and how to apply, which partner universities are available to you (online database with details of semester periods, dormitories, English courses, etc.), what you can do if your wishes are not Partner university is and what funding options there are.

Basically, a semester abroad is possible at the earliest in the 3rd semester, and can take place as long as at least one examination is open.

Recognition of services provided abroad

"Recognition of Achievement" means that you attend a course abroad that is considered equivalent to a compulsory course of your study program. The grade achieved abroad is entered in the grade scale of Esslingen University for this compulsory course.

If a foreign course is considered equivalent to a compulsory course in the curriculum, you can have that course recognized. Acceptance means that you attend a course rated as equivalent abroad and have the grade achieved entered into the grades of the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences upon return. They attend this course abroad as a substitute for the corresponding course of Esslingen University.

The grade you receive abroad is converted and entered in the grading sheet. Example: You are visiting, for example, the "International Marketing" course abroad, passing it with a grade of 2.0. You can have the course recognized. In your grades, the Marketing & Sales 2.0 is the one you earned during the semester abroad.

Previously classified as equivalent foreign courses can be found on the W drive in a current list, broken down by country and partner universities. We are constantly updating this list.

W:\Dozenten\Buchinger\Past Practice – Auslandsleistungen


Previously not considered equivalent courses

As the courses offered by the universities abroad are sure to offer further recognizable courses and to inform themselves about changes and new offers, it is important to check the current course offer of the foreign university prior to the course selection. Information on this can be found in the online database of the IO and / or on the homepage of the universities or get the assignable courses on information letters directly from the university for which you are nominated.

If you have found a course in the lecture program of the university abroad that seems suitable for your recognition in a WNB module, this course must be graded.

In this case, create a document with the module descriptions of the courses you want, as shown below:

    to be replaced WNB module
    Course title of the course abroad
    course Description

Send these module descriptions and your completed course selection form to Monika Buchinger

Possible recognitions

Recognition of a foreign performance in a compulsory module of the curriculum:

In principle, each module of your curriculum is suitable for recognition - even the free elective module (7th semester). It does not matter in which semester the modules in your module plan normally take place. That For example, if you go abroad in the 4th semester, you can also take courses from the 3rd or 6th semester and have them recognized.

Some colleges do not offer all courses every semester, but only in the winter semester, for example. This is the case, among others, at Tongji University (China) or Kettering University (USA). Therefore, make sure that the courses are offered in your exchange semester.

Recognition as an additional service

Additional services are courses that go beyond the compulsory curriculum, which you provide voluntarily in addition. These courses can be entered in the grading sheet. The scores achieved are not taken into account when calculating your grade point average.

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