Buddy Network

The Buddy Network connects German students to exchange students to help adjust to life at Esslingen University.

Join in, meet lots of new people and participate in the events that take place throughout the semester.


1. Join the Buddy Network on Facebook

Join in our group on Facebook and keep up-to-date with all activities and events.


2. Be an event organiser

Apart from some events like the Meet & Greet at the beginning of the semester, the rest of the events are volunteer-run by students. And we can always do with hand or even more hands.

So if you wish to organise any activity (even just one) please sign up as an event organiser. Below there are some ideas for activities, but don’t hesitate and let your thoughts flow. If you have any other ideas you can always organise something else.

Make sure you sign up, so we can contact you and offer assistance and support.

Ideas for events:

  •     Pub crawl
  •     Visit to a museum
  •     Walk in the beautiful countryside around Göppingen
  •     Hiking in the Alps
  •     Pub quiz
  •     Cookery evening
  •     BBQ
  •     Gaming night
  •     Table Football competition
  •     Language café


3. Be a tandem partner

 Learn a language with a conversation partner!

Would you like to

  •     Practise your second language in a face-to-face conversation?
  •     Practise your listening and speaking skills just by having a nice chat?
  •     Learn the “real” language, not the textbook version?
  •     Improve fast and effectively?
  •     Have fun and make friends from different cultures?

Sign up and you will be matched with a suitable partner. Then you organise everything with your tandem partner, e.g.

  •     How often will you meet?
  •     How long will you talk for?
  •     What are your interests?
  •     Would you like to work on grammar? Vocabulary? ...

For tips see also our FAQ about the Tandem Scheme.

What are you waiting for ... sign up right now!


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Application period for programmes starting in the summer semester 2021
Bachelor’s programmes: 1 December 2020 to 15 january 2021
Master’s programmes (German): 15 October 2020 to 15 January 2021
Applicants to our international programmes should please see the Graduate School website for deadlines

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