Alumnus Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Michael Keller  answers our questions about his degree programme:


Why did you decide to study in Esslingen?

I had previously completed an apprenticeship as a coating laboratory technician and wanted to continue with a degree. I had the option of Esslingen, Krefeld or Paderborn. I went for the one with the best reputation and so moved to Esslingen to the FHTE (as it was then).

How did you like your time as a student in Esslingen?

My time as a student was very structured, as was the degree programme, and directed towards the Diplom. Despite being so structured there was a great deal of trust and the atmosphere was informal. We all knew each other really well, since there were not that many students on the programme.

Did your degree programme make you well prepared for your professional career?

Since I had already done an apprenticeship, I had a very good idea about what I had to expect. So I was able to arrange my courses accordingly and was therefore well prepared.


Which opportunities did your degree course in Esslingen open up for your subsequent career?

The “paint engineering degree” always opens up opportunities for a career, because there are only a small number of new specialists in this sector. The opportunity to do an internship or write your Diplom thesis abroad expands your portfolio and thus enhances your professional opportunities.


How did studying in Esslingen change your life?

As you study, you are given a broad insight into the industry, you expand your network and also get around the world a bit, if you want to. This experience automatically changes you. The Swabian mentality will also make a lasting impression on you.


What advice would you give an incoming student?

You should definitely try and take your lead from the industry. By doing internships, holiday jobs or becoming a working student (a student working part-time in local companies) you intensify your relationship with the practical aspects of the subject and thus create advantages after you have finished your degree. You should also seize the opportunity to spend your practical semester abroad in a non-German speaking country and broaden your horizons.

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