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Company services - the university as a partner of industry

Use of laboratories and equipment:

The University’s laboratories and lecture rooms in Robert-Bosch-Strasse in Göppingen are very well equipped. Companies have the opportunity to use this equipment. A brief overview:

    3D scan, reverse engineering

    3D printer (gypsum powder, acrylic resin, plastics, wax, fibre composite materials)

    CO2 laser

    Milling machines, high-precision, 3- and 5-axis

    High-temperature test rig up to 350°C

    Assembly benches and Kanban shelving

    Configurable electric drive unit

    Scanning electron microscope

    EDX equipment

    High-resolution microscopy (to 300,000x)

    X-ray machine for electrical components

    Digital optical microscope

    Silk screen printing equipment for circuit boards

    Pick-and-place machine and manual pick-and-place

    Rework station for SMD components and circuit boards

    Vapour-phase soldering equipment, vapour deposition system

    Sputter device, wet processing bench

    Gold wire bonder, aluminium wire bonder

    Bond tester

    Wafer prober

    Rooms and equipment for training courses on SPC, control technology, MatLab Simulink and for industrial image processing and virtual commissioning.

    IT testbed for training courses with 16 workstations, metal construction kits for mechanical systems (cyber physical systems), Raspberry PI + sensor systems.

    Various measurement devices, material testing devices,

    microscopes, roughness measurement instrument, test bench.

Gesamte Übersicht der Geräte- und Labornutzung

Knowledge transfer: advice from professors and lecturers:

Science and industry hand-in-hand: The professors and lecturers of Esslingen University of Applied Sciences offer their services to provide advice and support for projects being undertaken in companies. The faculty working in Engineering and Mechatronics & Electrical Engineering on the Göppingen campus have a wide range of expertise at their disposal. The fields range from electronics, digitisation and marketing through to questions concerning data protection.

Übersicht der Beratungsmöglichkeiten und Kompetenzen

Applied research for your company:

Research for and with industry: Applied research which leads to an exploitable product is important particularly for small and medium size enterprises. The university institute has already done successful consultancy work for many companies and offers advice on funding options (federal state, government, EU, etc.) so that they, too, can put their product on the right track.

Use of rooms - full service including catering:

Besides the laboratory facilities, you can hire the lecture rooms and theatres for training courses and events as well – including refreshments and catering. In the Internet there is a list of the equipment and the rooms which are available for you to use, and the terms and conditions of use.



Facultiy Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering
Telefon: (07161) 679-1175

Fakultät Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen
Telefon: (07161) 679-1176