bwGRiD Cluster Esslingen

The Baden-Württemberg Grid (bwGRiD) was part of the D-Grid initiative and provided more than 12,000 cores for research and science at 8 locations in Baden-Württemberg. Participating partners were the Universities of Freiburg, Heidelberg, Tübingen, Mannheim and the Ulm/Konstanz network, the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the High Performance Computing Centre (HLRS) in Stuttgart.

Hardware location Esslingen

The bwGRiD cluster at the Esslingen site is of type NEC LX-2400, supplied by NEC. It consists of 18 subracks (GreenBlade™ System - gB222X from Appro) each with 10 blades (Intel Nehalem processors with 2.27GHz and 2.8GHz respectively). With 8 cores per blade you get a total of 1440 cores. Each blade has 24GB main memory. All systems are without local hard disk.

The file system used is the NEC LXFS with 36 TB, a high-performance parallel file system based on the current open source version of Lustre.

Each blade is connected to the local network with Gigabit Ethernet. This network is used for administration and for logging on to the systems. Each blade has a QDR InfiniBand interface (transfer rate: 40 GBit/Sec) for the transfer of data and results of calculations. The InfiniBand network is designed as a HyperCube with a total of 192 edge ports. Both the data exchange of parallel programs and the connection to the NEC LXFS are carried out via InfiniBand.

The bwGRiD project has been completed and will be continued under bwHPC-C5.

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