What is Information Technology?

Everyone is talking about IT. Everyone thinks it's computers, servers, networks and the Internet. But information technology encompasses much more than that. Without information technology, our country would be thrown back to the industrial level of the steam engine. Information technology is always and everywhere present, without us even noticing.

Information technology ensures that the quality of our drinking water always meets the highest requirements. We take a reliable and fail-safe supply of electricity for granted. Information technology allows aircraft to fly and land safely, production facilities to operate efficiently, driver assistance systems allow cars to drive safely and even autonomously, and we can communicate with each other anywhere in the world at any time. This list could be continued for any length of time.

Formally, information technology can be defined as collection, storage, processing and administration of computer-based information. This information is intended to improve all our lives.

More important however, is the fact that information technology always serves people. It enables us to experience our everyday lives more comfortably and to work more efficiently in our professional activities.

Information technology is the link between man and machine for the use of hardware and software to process and manage data of all kinds. Information technology is independent of any industry. No matter which product it is, information technology is needed in all companies.

  • In order to master the energy revolution, electricity must be used and distributed intelligently via smart grids and the Internet of Things.
  • New mobility concepts are needed to avoid the congestion on our motorways. The introduction of electromobility with the necessary infrastructure and smart energy management must be developed.
  • In order to keep our ageing society mobile and active for as long as possible, new assistance systems and service robots must be developed.
  • In order to remain competitive worldwide, machines and production plants must become more intelligent and efficient. New concepts for the Internet of Things and machine learning must be made applicable.
  • In order to better protect ourselves against increasing cyberattacks, hardware and software must be developed with a stronger focus on IT security. This requires new concepts in software and hardware development.

Information technology will therefore help us to shape our future challenges according to our ethical values and needs.
So let's tackle this challenges together.

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