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Information technology is everywhere present

Information technology offers modern technology in constant change

Information technology penetrates all areas of our modern life more and more. In private sphere, it provides new possibilities for the use of media, for more comfort in the smart home and for more safety through assistance systems in the car. In social life, we owe information technology more efficient healthcare and nursing care to health care systems. A degree in information technology guarantees a secure career start with an interesting, varied and constantly changing field of work.

The study of information technology imparts a broad and basic computer science knowledge with subject-specific competences and knowledge, as well as relevant application knowledge of the latest technologies for the job market of the future. A degree in information technology guarantees a good career entry with an interesting and varied field of activity.

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What makes us stand out

  • excellent teaching


  • outstanding scientific qualification

  • Best Practical training and teaching of the latest technologies

  • Close networking TO industry

  • international and intercultural exchange

  • applied research

  • Consistency of Academic Degrees   Bachelor → MASTER → PROMOTION

Bachelor Programmes

There are three Bachelor programmes to choose from

  • Software Engineering and Media Computing with major field of studies on Software Engineering and Media Computing
  • Computer Engineering with major field of studies Autonomous Systems or Cyber-physical Systems and
  • Business Information Systems

offer a sound education in the field of computer science, with appropriate specialization and important key qualifications. These three Bachelor programs offer an effective study in an optimal environment, with a high practical relevance and well-equipped laboratories, ideal for an optimal career entry.

In all our study courses we pursue the goal that our graduates have the competences to influence the society of the 21st century sustainably. They should improve the quality of life for all, make mobility more flexible, increase productivity, reduce resource consumption and increase safety in all areas.

Study model individual learning pace

More time to study

Students of the Bachelor's programmes Software Engineering and Media Computing, Computer Engineering and Business Information Systems can opt for the "Study Model individual learning Pace". This study model is an individual support programme and enables the maximum duration of study to be extended by up to two semesters.

First-year students are very heterogeneous. They have different educational levels and biographical backgrounds. They come to the university with different university entrance qualifications. Possible gaps in knowledge are the normal rule. The study model of individual learning pace allows more time for learning. The number of examinations is spread over a longer period of time. The maximum duration of study is therefore longer than in the normal course of study.

Master Programmes

There are three Master's programmes to choose from

Building on a Bachelor's degree, the Master's programme in Applied Computer Science qualifies students in the following specialisations

  • Autonomous systems,
  • Business intelligence,
  • Mobile Computing or
  • individual specialization.

The Master's programme of Applied Computer Science provides theoretical and advanced knowledge in the fields of computer science and optimally prepares students for activities in development, pre-development and research.

In cooperation with other departments of the Hochschule Esslingen, the University of Stuttgart and other universities, the two master's programmes

  • Automotive Systems (M.Sc.) and
  • Services Computing (M.Sc)

are offered.

A Master's degree is the best preparation for the job market of the future and also opens the way to a doctorate.


The way to research and science

The close cooperation of the Department of Information Technology with the Fraunhofer Application Center KEIM and the University of Stuttgart makes it possible to start a doctorate. After successful completion of a master's degree course, students have the opportunity to be employed as research assistants at the Fraunhofer KEIM Application Center, with the option of a doctorate.

The doctoral college HYBRID offers a further entry into an industrial doctorate. The Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, the University of Stuttgart, Daimler AG and Robert Bosch GmbH founded the cooperative doctoral college HYBRID a few years ago. In this case, the tasks for doctorates come from the industrial partners.

Apply for winter semester 2021/22!

Applications will be accepted from 15 April 2021 on.
Please note the different application times for our international Master's programmes.

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