Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings (B.Sc.)

It is hard to imagine life today without coatings. Almost all important products and consumer goods are equipped with a coating which offers protection on the one hand but is also intended to make them look good. A very obvious example is motor vehicles. In some cases it would not be possible to give a life-long guarantee that bodywork will not rust through if the vehicle were not equipped with an ingenious system comprised of several layers of coating. There is also the fact that 40% of decisions to buy a new car are based on the visual impression created by the bodywork in the dealer’s showroom.

All these aspects are incorporated into the Chemical Engineering / Colour and Coatings degree programme, almost the only one of its kind in the world, which focuses especially on the chemistry, manufacture, application and testing of coatings and layers of coatings. Particular importance is attached to reducing the environmental pollution arising during the production and the application of coatings.

Students who successfully complete this 7-semester Bachelor programme will be awarded a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings. As “coating engineers”, graduates of this programme are a mark of quality in their particular industry. The comprehensive combination of chemistry, engineering and design is unique and provides graduates with several interesting career paths.

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The Chemical Engineering/Colour and Coatings degree programme at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences has achieved an outstanding assessment in the renowned CHE university ranking in the “ZEIT-Campus” Study Guide 2022 and thus confirmed its top ranking. When comparing universities, the top position is calculated from evaluations of a large number of different criteria, and students at Esslingen awarded the university “top” ranking for almost all aspects. This vote acknowledges how successful our team work is at Esslingen, spurs on our efforts to always provide good teaching and research which is of practical relevance, and is also an informative guide for those interested in studying for a degree which promises a bright future. See for yourself.

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Chemieingenieurwesen / colour and Coatings (B.Sc.)

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Facts and Figures - at a glance

Degree awardedBachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
FacultyScience, Energy and Building Services
CampusEsslingen City Centre Campus
Number of semesters7
Language of instructionGerman

For the summer semester: Direct enrolment from 15 October until 6 March

For the winter semester: Direct enrolment from 15 April until 15 September

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The programme concentrates on technical and scientific aspects and covers chemistry, coating technologies, application engineering, metrology and test engineering.

This degree programme is free of admission (without NC) and you can enrol directly.

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Graduates of this degree programme have excellent career opportunities. Their broad-based training ensures they are in demand as experts in their field

  • in the chemical industry (manufacturers of the raw materials for coatings)
  • by manufacturers of coatings and printing inks
  • in industries producing adhesives and sealants
  • in companies which use coatings (e.g. automotive industry)
  • in the plastics industry
  • in painting and decorating companies and paint shops
  • in vocational colleges
  • in the public sector, e.g. historic monuments agency
  • in the colour design studios of the large manufacturers of architectural paints and pigments.

They can work in

  • research and development
  • application engineering
  • analysis and quality control
  • project management
  • technical marketing
  • colour design studios
  • teaching and training.

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is located at the heart of the high-powered Stuttgart economic hub. Students who decide to study for a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering Colour and Coatings gain crucial key qualifications and have excellent career and salary prospects in the chemical industry and at the major manufacturers of paints and coatings on graduation. Since colours and coatings are important in all sectors of industry, our graduates are in demand in many other sectors of industry too, such as the automotive industry or the plastics industry.

An interesting alternative: Collaborative degree programme

Financial security while you study: Those who decide on the degree programme with enhanced phases of practical experience enjoy not only financial advantages. When you are interested in this option, you must first apply to one of our collaboration partners. 


The Chemical Engineering Colour and Coatings degree programme offered by Esslingen University of Applied Sciences achieved the best ranking of all universities of applied science in Germany in the renowned CHE university ranking for the “Zeit-Campus” Studienführer (Study Guide) 2019/2020.


Apart from teaching the fundamentals, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences also places great emphasis on high levels of practical relevance. The Chemical Engineering degree programme is characterised as being particularly application oriented: around 50% of the course content is taught in our modern laboratories, such as the Paint production laboratory or the Surface and nano-chemistry laboratory.

The intensely nurtured contacts between the university and industry provide students with numerous opportunities to undertake practical projects and also do their final thesis, even at undergraduate level.


A further unique feature of the applied chemistry programme at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences is its approach to colour design: colours and coatings are produced and analysed not only in the technical and chemical laboratories. Creative study units encourage students to experiment and thus allow them to experience the joy of working with surface materials themselves.


In contrast to university intakes, the semester intakes at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences are manageable. Study units completed in small groups, laboratory work in the chemistry laboratories and practical project work are the norm.

The students are in direct contact with the professors, lecturers and laboratory staff, thus ensuring they receive a good level of support. The lecture theatres and laboratories used for the Chemical Engineering degree programme are all situated on Esslingen City Centre Campus.


The Faculty of Natural Sciences and the service facilities at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences are very keen that their students receive good support. Library, Computer Centre, Student Advice Centre, International Office, Career Center - the university service facilities are there to support you during all phases of your programme.


Living student life to the full is a natural part of your time at university. The University Sports Club, University Music Group and the various student groups offer a great variety of different opportunities. And Esslingen itself naturally provides optimum conditions for interesting leisure activities, too.

Esslingen’s City Centre Campus is situated in the middle of the picturesque old quarter. Music, art, sport, pubs and restaurants – it caters for all tastes. And for those who still long for life in the city: the city centre of Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, is less than 20 minutes away.



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