The content of the study programme is orientated towards future mobility trends.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)Automotive Systems

Do you want to work on the Automotive Systems of the future today? Then choose this degree course, with its contents geared towards future mobility trends. Here you will learn how to advance Autonomous Driving, e-mobility, innovative means of transport and future-proof transport concepts. This is exactly what will make you interesting for many companies in the mobility industry after graduation.

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Career Perspectives


You will be in high demand after completing your course: You will have the best career opportunities because you have learned how to develop intelligent electronic vehicle systems as well as mobility and drive concepts. You will be familiar with the application areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And these are precisely the experts who companies are looking for to shape mobility innovatively and sustainably or to drive autonomous driving forward. Alternatively, you can deepen your knowledge of the topics in an advanced Master's programme.

These career opportunities await you

With your degree in vehicle systems, you have the best job prospects:

  • Development of electronic and software-intensive Automotive Systems (automated driving, vehicle networking and electric driving)
  • Trials and testing in virtually simulated environments and in the vehicle
  • Development and testing of new mobility concepts
  • With vehicle manufacturers and suppliers 
Engineer from the Automotive Systems degree programme at work.



After registering on the national application portal, you can apply via the Campusmanagement-System HEonline at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences.

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Students wishing to take this programme must have pre-degree practical technical experience in a relevant industrial field or have gained experience of a similar nature while at school or during their vocational training. It is also possible to gain this practical technical experience during the semester break once you have commenced your programme.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which criteria are used to award the university places?

There are usually more applications than places available. This means that not all applications for degree programmes will be successful. The places available will be awarded in accordance with the result of the university’s own selection procedure.

We are unable to give details of any admission restrictions (numerus clausus, NC) in advance. The NC states the selection threshold and the waiting time in semesters (periods of 6 months) for the last student in the ranking who is admitted to the degree programme. This means the NC varies depending on the number of applicants, their selection thresholds/waiting times and the number of places available. Since this is different for each application phase, we are unfortunately unable to provide any information about the admission restrictions (NC).

Why do I apply to and to the university?

For some of the Bachelor degree programmes at Esslingen, the admission procedure for applications for the first regular semester is via the national application portal Hochschulstart and the “dialog-oriented service procedure - DoSV”, where you can apply for a maximum of 12 university places.

To process your application, the “Application/Admission” team needs all the documents required for the admission procedure at Esslingen. You can upload these online via Esslingen’s HEonline campus management system.

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Can I apply although I have not yet received my final certificate?

Yes. You can also apply even though you have not yet received your final certificate.

You can upload your university entrance qualification in Esslingen’s HEonline campus management system until the application deadline at the latest.

What are the criteria for the pre-degree practical technical experience?

Students wishing to take this programme must have pre-degree practical technical experience in a relevant industrial field or have gained experience of a similar nature while at school or during their vocational training. It is also possible to gain this practical technical experience during the semester break once you have commenced your programme. The deadline for completion is the end of the 3rd semester of study (28 Feb. or 31 Aug.).


For whom is the study programme suitable?

Do you want to get things moving? Whether it be electrically, digitally, networked or autonomously: If you are passionate about modern motor vehicles, autonomous systems and sustainable mobility solutions, then this is the right degree programme for you.

What else will help you in this degree

  • An interest in maths and sciences
  • A structured way of working
  • Enthusiasm for working with computers and software
  • Ability to abstract
Students solving an application-orientated task in the laboratory

Future topics

I decided to study Automotive Systems because mobility is currently facing a major change. Electromobility, autonomous and connected driving are the big topics that will occupy us in the future. And here, at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, we are optimally prepared for this. The special thing about our degree programme is that you can find your personal orientation in the 4th and 6th semesters in mandatory elective modules.

Vincent Gerber, student of the Automotive Systems degree programmee
The course is preparing me well for the mobility turnaround.

What distinguishes usGood reasons for studying at Esslingen University

Study with the best

Very  good spot in the top group nationwide in the CHE University Ranking ZEIT Campus Guide

Advanced practical placement

Young talent development programmes such as the BMW Group’s SpeedUp sponsorship programme offer financial support.


The Faculty of Mobility & Technology is one of the largest and works closely with the vehicle industry and supplier companies.


World market leaders (Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch or Porsche) support teaching in many areas.

International experience

You can gain experience worldwide in an internship abroad or a study period at a partner university. 

Formula Student

In addition to your studies, you can deepen your knowledge in the racing team, develop and implement ideas and celebrate success together.


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