Automation Systems and Production Informatics (B.Eng.)

Formerly: Mechatronics/Automation Engineering (B.Eng.)

Modern automation engineering is closely intertwined with information technology

Traditional automation engineering primarily concerns itself with the automation of production facilities and interlinking them with transport systems by evaluating sensors and controlling actuators. Digitisation is naturally playing an increasingly important role in this field as well: the information processing technology in modern automation systems is becoming ever more important as production facilities are being networked more and more with the planning units of a business, and with the external logistics. New fields in automation, such as telediagnosis or the remote maintenance of equipment, mean that those working in these fields need to know about data security.

The Automation Systems and Production Informatics degree programme does justice to this current trend of digitisation and networking without neglecting the conventional disciplines of “instrumentation”, “measurement” and “control” (instrumentation and control engineering). Production Informatics brings together information technology (IT) and production. Students acquire the sound knowledge of system simulation and software engineering which is needed to guarantee the functional safety of automation systems.

In the course of their studies, the prospective engineers work and learn with state of the art software systems, such as C# and Python, because programming is obviously of crucial importance in automation engineering. Students are taught in small groups and the knowledge they acquire about the development of automation solutions is consolidated in well-equipped automation engineering laboratories.

After completing their studies, graduates of the Automation Systems degree programme have excellent career prospects in industry and also possess the skills to be actively involved in designing the digitisation process in their company.

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Applicable until summer term 2020: Mechatronics/Automation Engineering (B.Eng.)

Applicable from winter term 2020/21: Mechatronics/Automation Engineering (B.Eng.)

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Programme Coordination: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Dieter Lehner

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Facts and Figures - at a glance

Degree awardedBachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)
FacultyMechanical and Systems Engineering
CampusEsslingen City Centre Campus
Number of semesters7
Language of instructionGerman

For the summer semester: Direct enrolment from 15 October until 6 March

For the winter semester: Direct enrolment from 15 April until 15 September

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Pre-degree practical experience is no longer required!

Continuing Master ProgramsMechatronik/ Systems Engineering (M.Eng.)
Smart Factory - Industry 4.0 (M.Eng.)

This degree programme is free of admission (without NC) and you can enrol directly.

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Pre-degree practical experience is no longer required!

Our fledgling engineers can look forward to varied and interesting career opportunities on graduation.
In many industrial companies they will take on exciting tasks as a specialist or manager in the following areas:

  • research, development and design
  • custom machine engineering
  • hardware and software development
  • project design and project management
  • service sector and installation
  • consultancy, sales and marketing

Automation Systems/Production Informatics at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences!

The Automation Systems and Production Informatics degree programme is characterised by the excellent teaching it provides. The programme content closely follows the latest technical developments: Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are but two of the many topics which are covered during the programme. Students work in project groups to do research on digital twins, for example. What is a digital twin? A virtual image of the machine which provides information in good time about when a facility needs to be serviced, for example.

Industry is looking for well-trained specialists

The numerous collaborations between Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and its partners from regional industry provide its students with good career opportunities. Students get involved in projects while they are still studying, courtesy of the Baden-Württemberg Industry 4.0 transfer platform. This also affords them the opportunity to make initial contacts with the companies in the Stuttgart economic region - a great advantage when they later come to look for a job.

The Göppingen Campus – one big family

Everything is within easy reach on the Göppingen Campus, facilitating close contact between students and teaching staff which is valued by both sides.
Additional study opportunities, such as preparatory courses or compact courses, make it easier for students to get a basic grasp of their chosen subject.

Explore life on campus

Göppingen Campus offers a wide variety of leisure opportunities. It is home to Café Campus and an indoor bouldering facility as well. And the E.Stall at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences develops and builds its electric racing cars on the Göppingen Campus. Many students live in the nearby student village run by the Students Services Organisation Stuttgart during their time at university and are thus only a stone’s throw away from the campus. If you live outside Göppingen, the VVS-Studi ticket offered by the Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart regional transport cooperative is an economical way of travelling to lectures held on the Göppingen Campus.

Göppingen is an attractive central hub for students. Nature lovers can enjoy the beautiful countryside around the Hohenstaufen, one of the nearby mountains.
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